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  • LinkedIn for blue collar? I think this is great news and fits with my idea of 'LinkedIn Local'.

  • Shapr. A new rival to LinkedIn? I don't think so but it does look interesting and solves the issue of keeping in touch with your closest contacts.

  • 6 lessons we can take from the best company pages of 2014.

  • Its that time of year and when the dreaded 'Top profile buzzwords' article comes out. Journalist's love it...I think its tosh!


  • Anonymous viewers. Universally unpopular but does it really matter?
  • Why I advise against reciprocal recommendations.


  • Showcase pages vs affiliate company pages: what are best practices? Is it worth investing time and effort or will they end up going away like product pages?
    • ANS = An affiliated page is a company page that can be affiliated to a parent page. This can work for subsidiaries or acquired company's and might be useful when a division/subsidiary wants to have its own unique set of Showcase pages. Showcase pages are designed to create follower communities that are separate from the overall company followers, this works well when you wish to build a community around a brand or product type. 


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