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This is the final episode of 2020...and good riddance to it, what a year!

I thought it would be fun to give you my predictions for next year but also to look back at some of my previous predictions to see whether I'm a visionary or not!

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By reputation, most LinkedIn users believe groups to be the place where people pitch their wares but don't start or engage in round-table discussions.

Is this still true and should we be taking a closer look at groups again?

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Native video posts have become a popular way to share ideas, provide helpful tips and build relationships with your followers, and with the recent addition of Stories, where video typically features heavily, I thought it would be worth revisiting the topic.

David Kilkelly is one of my favourite video experts on LinkedIn. I have followed him for some time for a source of inspiration and helpful tips so I thought I would have a chat with him about LinkedIn video. Interestingly our chat was as much about content as it was specifically about video.

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