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Business development on LinkedIn.
Some focus on inbound whilst others cold approach multiple prospects (knowing they will mainly get rejected). Luis Báez 🇵🇷🏳️‍🌈 has a different that is more targeted and highly personalised.

This week I chat with Luis, a sales enablement strategist and coach dedicated to online business owners and B2B professionals - he also used to work for LinkedIn in sales!

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When pods combine with auto-commenting tools, we have a problem ❗ 

But is it right to publicly expose people who we believe are cheating in this way ❓ 

That plus;

- A new Chrome extension

- My thoughts on LinkedIn™️ AI enhancement tools

- A great AI talk from Mo Gawdat

- A brilliant post of the week


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LinkedIn restricts customised invitations to just 10 a month❗️

I examine why they are doing it and why it's such a bad idea.

That plus;

✅ New message inboxes 👍

✅ New content search filter 👍

✅ Added feature to new custom buttons 👍

✅ Name pronunciation goes backwards 👎

✅ Does verification make you more visible? 🤔

✅ Added value author comments 💡

✅ 'Top' emerging creators (not) 👎

✅ Is it wise for LinkedIn™️ to be 'all in' on AI? 🤔

✅ Screw the views! 👍

✅ Post of the week 🏆


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There are 5 key questions to ask yourself before you post on LinkedIn™️

If you can consistently deliver on these points, you are much more likely to reach more of the right people on LinkedIn™️

Before that though...

  • NEW profile 'goals'
  • Connections vs followers - your feedback
  • How to promote a podcast, or anything else on LinkedIn™️
  • A Hashtag u-turn or misinformation?
  • Have you checked your profile URL preview lately?
  • Daniel Roth the dictator and the arrogance of LinkedIn™️!
  • Post of the week


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