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Welcome to LinkedInformed 263.

This week I continue with my tutorial on settings with probably the most important section of all - Privacy

But before that...

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Welcome to episode 262, I hope you had a great week.

I thought I would cover a more educational topic this week by going through a very important but often ignored part of LinkedIn – your settings!

Once I started recording I realised this was far too big a subject to cover in one episode so I will break it down across 3 or 4 episodes. This week I’m covering the Account settings.

Also covered;

  • The Linked Inn in Grimsby
  • Have LinkedIn dumped one of Sales Navigators best features? 
  • New features (they don't all work properly)
  • New items in our feeds
  • Why do Document posts achieve higher views?
  • Post of the week
  • Are hashtags really worth bothering with?
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Hello and welcome, I’m back from my week away in San Francisco and I can tell you that my Find Nearby experiment yielded zero results! I had it on the whole time I was there and I checked it several times in busy places but never once saw anyone nearby!

How disappointing!

This week I want to return to Articles which we have covered recently but a listener highlighted an Article on LinkedIn about long-form content and I really felt I should counter it with a different perspective.

Firstly let me be clear……I definitely don’t believe long-form content is dead or even dying, I just think people need to recalibrate how they use it.

Anyway more of that later

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