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As I continue my journey with ChatGPT, I discover why it's called a 'chat' and learn how to utilise it better in LinkedIn posts, articles and profiles.

Also, Microsoft results show modest sales growth for Linkedin but they have now reached the 900m member milestone.

Plus a couple of new features and a joyous post of the week!

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Producing an authentic profile on LinkedIn used to be an advantage...with the growth of ChatGPT it's becoming an essential tool to prove that you are real!

That plus;

  • 4 new features/changes to LinkedIn
  • My assessment of Tomer Cohen's recent podcast interview
  • LinkedIn search parameters are unreliable
  • Some interesting LinkedIn stats
  • Do LinkedIn really know a good profile when they see one?
  • Post of the week
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Happy New Year!

This week I explain my 11 key wishes for LinkedIn this year, some are design/functional changes I want LinkedIn to make, and others are related to how the community behaves and use the platform.

PLUS - Post of the year 2022

and of course, the first post of the week for 2023

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