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New LinkedIn Acquisition. Fliptop, the lead scoring business announces LinkedIn takeover

Users are reporting a change to their LinkedIn inbox. The invitations and archive folders have gone now but you can still see your invitations, they are just in a different section.


In this interview with Forbes magazine Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn CEO) reveals that they are currently testing a new messaging feature for LinkedIn. This is great news and not before its time. What do you think it will be like? Will it be on the desktop app or mobile or both?

I can't wait to see what it will be like and think it could be a game changer for LinkedIn. New features are always rolled out gradually so if you get it before me then please let me know and send me some screenshots to

I need to warn you about a product called 'Advanced Social Messenger'. Do not use this product on LinkedIn or you might be the next recipient of a message like this!
Finally this will be the last episode for a couple of weeks. I'm going for a much needed break in the sun when I intend to do very little except relax, eat and drink!

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A change from the normal format this week as I interview the team behind Autopilot for LinkedIn. A system that allows you to view multiple profiles automatically.

On the call are Scott Offord and Philip Cardwell

I have been using Autopilot for about 10 weeks now and i have been really impressed with the results

It is really important to note that using Autopilot is NOT just about getting profile views, this is merely an indication of potential. In order to make your profile views count you need the following;

  • A strong profile picture that grabs the viewers eye
  • A clear and focused headline - this may change depending on who you are viewing.
  • A targeted advanced search of your prospects that has been saved.
  • Follow up with prospects who view you back with an introduction, not a sales pitch.
  • Connect once contact has been made.

Because Autopilot views more profiles than possible on a free account you will need to upgrade your LinkedIn account to a Business Plus premium account (you may have the option of a free months trial).

Like most systems, Autopilot can be misused but if you focus on the above points I am convinced you will see great results.

Using Autopilot can benefit your business but it is also a very powerful tool for jobseekers, check out this case study that Scott mentions in the interview.

I appreciate that this episode could be be interpreted as an 'advertorial' for Autopilot for LinkedIn but nothing could be further from the truth, I approached Scott and Philip because I wanted you to know more about this. That is why I am posting a general link to Autopilot as well as my affiliate link which will pay me a small commission (at no extra cost to you)

You can take a free 15 day trial of autopilot and then decide if you wish to continue using the product, for me it was a 'no brainer'!

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  • Group Managers can now send unlimited messages to their members in the 'participants' section.
  • LinkedIn release information from their economic graph regarding job migration.
  • LinkedIn joins up with that famous 'great leader'(?) Alex Ferguson to find great British business leaders (and help promote Ferguson's book!).
  • Blabbing with Krishna De has created some excellent instructional videos on blabbing here.
  • You can now buy .grip domains but is not available.
  • SSI update, I think that to improve my 'Engage with Insights' score the following four areas are important;
    • Status updates and published posts
    • Comments and likes of both the above
    • Discussion activity in groups
    • InMail response rates


  • What is a connection and does this change over time? The following post from a senior executive at Facebook got me thinking.
  • Is trimming your connections a good idea? I can see how it would help with engagement and that is a very important aspect of using LinkedIn but it would also reduce your opportunity for introductions. What do you think? Ping me your thoughts at

    • Here a classic example of the lowering of standards on LinkedIn. Should company profiles like this be permitted on a B2B professional network? (explicit warning)


    I have two profiles on LinkedIn, the one I don't use only has three connections. How can I close this account?

    ANS = see below, you go to your settings under the 'Account' tab

    My question for you;

    How many 'Interesting' quotes did I get away with?

    Thanks for voting for the show.

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  • Is this the end for Google Plus?
  • LinkedIn Publishing now available for Portuguese speakers
  • Publishing soon to cover other languages starting with French & German
  • Presumably this provides opportunities for new INfluencers?
  • Group discussions seem to be getting more likes. Have you noticed a difference?
  • Finally the biggest news of all this week is that this show has been shortlisted in the management and marketing category at this years UK Podcasters awards! Thank you to everyone who nominated the show, I am really excited and honoured to be in the top three in this highly competitive category.
  • Now I need you to VOTE for the show to see if we can win! Please click on the image below to register your vote for the show....just imagine if we won?!
  • Commentary

    • Social selling Index is now available for all of use, just click here to see yours
    • What is the social selling index?
    • Is this just a ploy to get people to buy LinkedIn Sales Navigator?
    • Question

    • Thanks to Gary Stockton for sending is his voicemail this week with a question regarding the time lag with notifications on the iPad app.
    • You can leave your own voicemail questions by clicking on the yellow 'ask me a question' link on the right of this page.
    • I put Gary's question to the test and found the same lag as seen below. From left to right are the desktop, phone and iPad notifications taken within seconds of each other showing the iPad app to be behind the other two
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