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This week in the podcast I complete my review of Uplift Live with the speakers from the afternoon sessions

Gillian Whitney  

Kevin D. Turner 

Tiina Jarvet

Richard van der Blom 

Also in this edition;

  • New ‘Takeaways’ on Articles & posts
  • New video feed on mobile
  • An excellent example of brand partnership with influencer
  • Post of the week
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My thoughts and feedback on Uplift Live

UpLift Live is an in-person, LinkedIn-focused conference that took place for the first time on 21 March 2024 in Birmingham, UK.

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With the demise of Creator mode, or the opening of creator mode to everyone (however you wish to view it!) imminent, it probably opens up the possibility of all LinkedIn™️ users having the opportunity to create their own newsletters.

So it seems a good time to have a new look at this feature so that you can decide whether you will be be going down that track.

That plus;

  • A new mysterious 'Who viewed your profile' filter.

  • Your comment doesn't comply with our policies!

  • AI enhancements drive an increase in LinkedIn™️ Premium subscriptions.

  • A sneaky way to get 3 months premium free.

  • How AI features are being assessed

  • Native AI post generation. Is it any good?

  • Post of the week

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This month we will see Creator mode disappearing and with it, the obligation to have 'Follow' as the primary option on your profile so I thought it was worth revisiting the persistent question...Connect or Follow?

That plus;

  • New Recruiter & Learning tools that assist retention but might also have the the polar opposite impact!

  • New Privacy setting

  • New option for profile custom CTA button

  • Feedback from last week regarding the homepage feed

  • Post of the week.

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Has your feed changed recently? Are you seeing posts from people who are unfamiliar to you?

This may be due to LinkedIn™️ deciding that they know what 'quality' content looks like.

Not are clearly not in a position to decide this for yourself!

This week I discuss what we can do to fix this.

That plus;

  • AI comments are getting very annoying!

  • The real reason customised invitations are being limited and a cool workaround.

  • A very sneaky change to your data privacy settings

  • Saved posts feature urgently needs updating

  • My take on Public groups

  • Profile verification favours men!

  • Post of the week

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