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For years I've been telling anyone that will listen that Skills are one of the worst features LinkedIn has ever produced...but is that still true? I decided to take a fresh look at Skills to see whether they have improved.

Also covered;

  • Headlines still count for search results - confirmed!
  • The new 'About this profile' it any good?
  • New LinkedIn AI goes head-to-head with AI-based image generators
  • Will LinkedIn's new 'suspicious message' feature be a help or a hindrance?
  • Microsoft's quarterly financial results show continued growth for LinkedIn
  • Should we stop Liking before we comment?
  • How can you accurately measure the impact of Dwell time (posts)
  • Finding your old posts
  • New types of links for image, video, and template posts
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Welcome to another edition of LinkedInformed. This week I'm covering;

  • LinkedIn accept defeat on Re-sharing
  • LinkedIn Top Startup lists
  • Sales Navigator 'Deep sales'
  • Where is the LinkedIn Podcast Network?
  • Native post scheduling is close
  • Thoughts on the new UK Creator Accelerator Program cohort
  • Keywords in profile headlines
  • How to leverage being tagged in a post
  • What to write in company page post comments
  • Post of the week
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Welcome to LinkedInformed 371. Here's what you can expect this week...

  • The strength of (moderately) weak ties and how this applies to LinkedIn
  • New Page commitments
  • Scheduling content with Aaron Pickering
  • Part two of my chat with Nigel Thomas regarding LinkedIn content and engagement.
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How to research people effectively on LinkedIn and how to use what you find.

  • Plus Finding people to tag in your posts
  • Finding comment-worthy content
  • LinkedIn conquer Germany
  • Could the new focused inbox kill InMail?
  • The story behind last weeks post of the week.
  • A post of the week about branding
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