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Fake, fake, fake!

Fake profiles are everywhere! And they are in danger of killing this valuable resource

What can LinkedIn do to stop them and what can we do to help?

This week, I talk about this important subject and Candyce Edelen shares a story about that reveals how far some organisations go to 'game the system'.

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Are you bored by your feed❓
Do you see too many viral posts or content from the same authors?
Perhaps you could try one of your other 2 feeds?


  • Profile verification won't happen for small company employees
  • New industry classifications might impact your profile
  • Auto-captions are finally here!
  • Native post-scheduling insights
  • The author of this post of the week got banned for replying too much!
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Does it pay to post 2-3 times a day or 2-3 a week or month? Should we be putting out LinkedIn content daily or less often? This week I'm covering the tricky subject of posting frequency.


  • Are LinkedIn being disingenuous about the recent HiQ ruling?
  • I chat with John Espirian about this years algorithm research
  • An amusing and very topical Twitter related post of the week
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Does it help the visibility of your content to be featured in the LinkedIn 'Today’s News & Views' or 'Daily Rundown'?

And if so, how can you improve your chances of being featured?

That plus;

  • An update on 'About this profile'
  • LinkedIn native post scheduling insights
  • LinkedIn Recruiter now helps you find your own employees!
  • A new LinkedIn post preview and format tool.
  • Are LinkedIn avoiding accessibility?
  • A company page that invites you to recruit it's employees!
  • Post of the week
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