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Many of us are experiencing a dramatic reduction in post engagement notifications and LinkedIn have admitted that they are prioritising other notifications instead. This week I look at what notifications are most useful to us and ask why we can't choose our own.

In addition to that...

  • A new 'Active Group' badge that misses the point!
  • More feedback on the services marketplace
  • Do more followers improve engagement levels?
  • Feedback on a new LinkedIn authors' posts
  • Post of the week


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I've been away in Greece for 10 was pure bliss!

While I was away, a few things have been happening on LinkedIn so in this episode, I'm catching up on it all!

The biggest news was LinkedIn's algorithm changes: I will give my thoughts on content dominance, meaningful comments, and the quest for 'knowledge & advice' amplification.

As you would imagine,I have a few things to say about it!

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This is the talk that I gave at LinkedSummit in Odense, Denmark this year.

We know that the content that perhaps should really be on Facebook does well on LinkedIn, but it's not going to generate business and pay the bills! On the flip side, neither is boring business content that fails to engage and is seen by very few.

So we need to find the sweet spot! 

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