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LinkedIn™️ is primarily a B2B networking platform but that doesn't mean that a B2C (business to consumer) business can't succeed. This week I talk with Anna Williams about how she recently relaunched her coffee shop on LinkedIn™️.

That plus;

  • How I became a LinkedIn 'Top voice'

  • An update on profile verification with Persona

  • More on how to get a community top voice badge

  • New - Company sponsored articles

  • Are hashtags still relevant?

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Big news this week...The LinkedIn Corporation are attacking me and I need some creative ideas from you to be able to move forward.

More of that later, also included in this episode I talk about;

  • Uplift Live conference - I can offer you a discount.

  • Profile custom buttons are really good but are they too effective?

  • Verification issues and privacy concerns

  • New Events features

  • New features for collaborative articles

  • More skills (that most of us don't need)

  • New 'Daily' feature in LinkedIn™️ learning

  • Public profiles get a revamp and there are winners and losers!

  • Post of the week

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Welcome to the first edition of interesting People, a new type of show for the LinkedInformed podcast.

We often come across people on LinkedIn™️ who look interesting and produce content we find we follow or connect and over time we feel as though we get to know them better.

But do we REALLY know them?

interesting People interviews are designed reveal more about the background, personal lives and characteristics of some of our favourite people on LinkedIn™️.

For this first episode, I sat down and had a good old heart to heart chat with Ashley Leeds.

Ashley always comes across as energetic and very positive...but is he always like this?

We discuss the traumatic events that influenced his childhood, why he quit his promising career as a Chef, how he met his wife Debbie, his kids, his many career and job moves and how he ended up being the 15-minute LinkedIn™️ guy!

I absolutely loved finding out more about Ashley and I'm sure you will too

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Every year I dust off my LinkedIn™️ crystal ball and look at what changes I think we will see on the platform over the coming year...every year I get it spectacularly wrong! I like to think I'm ahead of LinkedIn Corp' with my thinking because often my predictions eventually come to fruition a few years later! Either way, it's always fun to do and gets us thinking about what we want from LinkedIn™️ (in truth I produced a wishlist rather than a list of predictions, this year is a bit of a mix)

So here are my predictions and wishes for this year...

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