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This week I discuss the 7 ways to become more visible on LinkedIn. In the competitive world of professional networking, it's essential to make your presence known and stand out from the crowd. By applying these tips, you'll significantly improve your visibility on LinkedIn and attract more career opportunities. So, grab your notepad and pen, and let's dive into the world of LinkedIn visibility.

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Imagine you're on another social media site and you see a great video post - it's ideal content for LinkedIn and especially your audience! You quickly check whether the author has posted it on LinkedIn and they haven't. What do you do next?

Plagiarism is rife on LinkedIn and LinkedIn don't seem to be doing much about it. Can we help?

That plus:

  • Feedback from the last LinkedInformed regarding the prevalence of LinkedIn ads in our feed plus some more thoughts on that strange data from Social Insider.
  • You can now specify that a job application on LInkedIn is one of your 'Top choices' but do Recruiters really care?
  • Did Fiverr game the algorithm by changing the job titles of their staff?
  • LinkedIn cut 716 jobs, discontinue InCareer in China, and close their graduate training program.
  • LinkedIn starts to test AI-generated posts
  • A technique for getting great results from Chat GPT
  • The dangers of AI - humanity could be at risk!
  • A royal post of the week.
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This week I chat with the LinkedIn ads guy AJ Wilcox.

AJ is very enthusiastic about what I saw as the beginning of the end for LinkedIn - personal sponsored posts.

Hear what AJ has to say and make your own mind up!

That plus

  • New call to action button on profiles
  • Why your follower numbers may have dropped
  • LinkedIn Stats from 2022 - if you can make any sense of them!
  • A positive change to hashtags
  • LinkedIn reveals a little more about how the feed algorithm works
  • A unique first for post of the week
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