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LinkedIn have announced that they are currently testing Stories.

This short form, 24-hour type of content was made popular on Snapchat and Instagram.

Will it work for LinkedIn?

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I’m back! What an amazing holiday that was and I’m not going to lie…this week has been really difficult with jet-lag coupled with a desire to stay in Thailand forever somewhat messing with my workflow!!

So what happened whilst I was away?

In short – not much but what did happen was massive!

Jeff Wiener is stepping down and will be replaced by Ryan Roslansky. I’m not sure how much this was covered whilst I was away but let me tell you…This could be HUGE!

So in this episode, I want to look back at the reign of Jeff and dig into the background of Ryan to assess how much things will change under his leadership.

I also have a brilliant new feature to tell you about

And a post of the week.

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Welcome to episode 277 which should have been 278 but I failed to get an episode out last week so apologies for that.

Despite missing a week and thereby needing to search the internet back across the last 2 weeks, I found hardly anything of interest! It seems Jan is a very quiet month for LinkedIn news – checking back this time last year was exactly the same!

We do, however, have a brilliant post of the week to talk about as well as the main subject of relevancy.

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