Informed Podcast by Mark Williams The podcast for LinkedIn™️ users

In this episode, I talk through the following topics;

  • LinkedIn™️ ran a Christmas poll

  • INteresting profiles 2024

  • Issues with post drafts and article analytics

  • Spot a pod

  • New WVYP filters - are they useful?

  • The new 'create an image' feature for Articles using Microsoft designer

  • 50+ factors that can impact the performance of your posts

  • Post of the week

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When your company page content consistently fails to engage an audience what can you do to make your brand more visible?

That plus;

  • Profile verification finally comes to Europe

  • Skill assessments

  • A new feature on profiles

  • A new content newsletter from LinkedIn™️ - is it any good?

  • How to report spam

  • Post of the week

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Last week I shared a message I received from Sandra Long (AKA East coast 🇺🇸Sandra) about collaborative articles where she shared that she finds them very useful asked me to have another look at I did!

I will share the results of my findings later but first, here's what else I cover in this weeks episode...

  • Feedback on company page competitors

  • A new profile feature

  • A couple of improvements to Newsletters

  • Why the out of office reply feature needs updating.

  • Post of the week

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I'm back from the trip of a lifetime!

And I got married as well!

This week I catch up on what has been happening on LinkedIn™️ while I've been away;

  • Collaborative articles improve but become more like Q&A's rather than articles
  • LinkedIn™️ break links with X (Twitter) accounts
  • Several changes to company pages
  • Profile videos are going to disappear
  • Profile custom badges surpass creator website links
  • 1 billion users...but less than 40% are active!
  • Profile verification expands to Brazil and Australia
  • More images allowed in image posts
  • @mention (tagging) gets worse!
  • The customized invitation debacle returns

All that plus the lowdown on my amazing trip.

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