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This week I look back at my disastrous predictions for LinkedIn in 2022 and what actually did happen by highlighting my 10 favourite new features of the year.

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Are you posting the content you want your audience to see or what they really want to see?

This week, I tackle this issue plus;

  • An update on LinkedIn competitors
  • Why multi-image posts are awful!
  • What to do when you see a typo in someone's content
  • New creator analytics 
  • New products search
  • 41 Big Ideas that will change our world in 2023
  • Are ads killing your feed?
  • New SEO for Articles / Newsletters
  • Why has date connected been 'de-ramped'?
  • Do LinkedIn Pods Work?
  • Post of the week
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Fake, fake, fake!

Fake profiles are everywhere! And they are in danger of killing this valuable resource

What can LinkedIn do to stop them and what can we do to help?

This week, I talk about this important subject and Candyce Edelen shares a story about that reveals how far some organisations go to 'game the system'.

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Are you bored by your feed❓
Do you see too many viral posts or content from the same authors?
Perhaps you could try one of your other 2 feeds?


  • Profile verification won't happen for small company employees
  • New industry classifications might impact your profile
  • Auto-captions are finally here!
  • Native post-scheduling insights
  • The author of this post of the week got banned for replying too much!
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Does it pay to post 2-3 times a day or 2-3 a week or month? Should we be putting out LinkedIn content daily or less often? This week I'm covering the tricky subject of posting frequency.


  • Are LinkedIn being disingenuous about the recent HiQ ruling?
  • I chat with John Espirian about this years algorithm research
  • An amusing and very topical Twitter related post of the week
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Does it help the visibility of your content to be featured in the LinkedIn 'Today’s News & Views' or 'Daily Rundown'?

And if so, how can you improve your chances of being featured?

That plus;

  • An update on 'About this profile'
  • LinkedIn native post scheduling insights
  • LinkedIn Recruiter now helps you find your own employees!
  • A new LinkedIn post preview and format tool.
  • Are LinkedIn avoiding accessibility?
  • A company page that invites you to recruit it's employees!
  • Post of the week
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For years I've been telling anyone that will listen that Skills are one of the worst features LinkedIn has ever produced...but is that still true? I decided to take a fresh look at Skills to see whether they have improved.

Also covered;

  • Headlines still count for search results - confirmed!
  • The new 'About this profile' it any good?
  • New LinkedIn AI goes head-to-head with AI-based image generators
  • Will LinkedIn's new 'suspicious message' feature be a help or a hindrance?
  • Microsoft's quarterly financial results show continued growth for LinkedIn
  • Should we stop Liking before we comment?
  • How can you accurately measure the impact of Dwell time (posts)
  • Finding your old posts
  • New types of links for image, video, and template posts
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Welcome to another edition of LinkedInformed. This week I'm covering;

  • LinkedIn accept defeat on Re-sharing
  • LinkedIn Top Startup lists
  • Sales Navigator 'Deep sales'
  • Where is the LinkedIn Podcast Network?
  • Native post scheduling is close
  • Thoughts on the new UK Creator Accelerator Program cohort
  • Keywords in profile headlines
  • How to leverage being tagged in a post
  • What to write in company page post comments
  • Post of the week
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Welcome to LinkedInformed 371. Here's what you can expect this week...

  • The strength of (moderately) weak ties and how this applies to LinkedIn
  • New Page commitments
  • Scheduling content with Aaron Pickering
  • Part two of my chat with Nigel Thomas regarding LinkedIn content and engagement.
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How to research people effectively on LinkedIn and how to use what you find.

  • Plus Finding people to tag in your posts
  • Finding comment-worthy content
  • LinkedIn conquer Germany
  • Could the new focused inbox kill InMail?
  • The story behind last weeks post of the week.
  • A post of the week about branding
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This week I sat down for a chat with Nigel Thomas who recently approached me with the following message;

Big fan of the podcast and I'm reaching out because I believe I can bring your audience value. Here are 3 topics which I think they'd resonated with:

1- Getting Noticed: I can break down my exact posting strategy including focusing on headlines, optimizing for mobile, and how to write in a way which evokes emotion.

2- Engagement: Most people know engagement is important for LinkedIn but not many engage in a way that attracts their ideal clients - I'll explain how.

3- Networking: Likes and hearts are great for dopamine but the real power is in relationship building. I'll uncover how to build power connections to skyrocket growth.

Are you up for it?

I here he is!

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If you want to increase the impressions of your posts, don’t focus on impressions! Instead, you are better served by focussing on making your content comment-worthy. This week I’m going to take a look at a failed post that had great potential and examine how it could be changed to attract more engagement.

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That is the question!

With LinkedIn announcing a new feature allowing links to be added to photos or videos, I thought it was worth discussing the topic of links in posts again.

A short episode this week.

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Some people post about a good deed they have done, show a picture of their flashy new car, or casually mention that they are on an exotic holiday. Most of us would never post anything like that but it can’t be denied that such posts typically attract high engagement so I thought it would be a good idea to explore this technique and evaluate whether it’s a good idea or not!

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July 23rd 2022. Having been away for a few weeks, partly holiday, partly family health issues…I needed to catch up with what’s been happening so who better to call than our good friend John Espirian.

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What are you doing with your connections?

Are you just engaging with their content and occasionally sending them a message or are you making the effort to talk with them face to face?

This week I talk with Kathryn Strachan, the MD and Founder of Copy House, a technology content marketing agency about how she has used a LinkedIn outreach strategy successfully on LinkedIn.

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Do you need it?

Is it worth the money?

Which one is most suitable?

It’s been over 3 years since I covered premium upgrades so I thought it was time for a bit of a refresh.

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Should LinkedIn primarily be a source of information or a networking platform?

Inspired by an interesting post I saw about the problems associated with posts that contain links.

Plus plenty of new and rumored features and of course a brilliant post of the week.

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Why do people post images of themselves on their LinkedIn posts?

Does it help with engagement or is it just egotistical nonsense?

This week I discuss this with Lynnaire Johnston and you might be surprised at the conclusions!

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LinkedIn connections: Do you need them?

How many is enough?

Are they overrated?

Is it better to have followers?

Plus changes to the feed algorithm, a 16-year-old gets banned and a brilliant post of the week from an Uber driver!

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You sit down to write that LinkedIn post. You have a good topic but you know it’s important to stop the scroll with a strong headline and motivate those who read it to comment…and you're stuck!

Maybe a robot can help? Have you considered the benefits of using AI to stimulate better copy ideas and structure?

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LinkedIn produce a new feature that is unlikely to deliver exciting results yet marketing professionals get excited about it. Is there a danger that they are guilty of being the emperors’ weavers?

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The marketing department, the recruitment team, sales executives, and other employees are active on LinkedIn but there’s no sign of the CEO or other occupants of the boardroom. Why your leaders should be more visible on LinkedIn.

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You want your posts to be highly visible but you are concerned that if you publish the sort of content that is typically popular on LinkedIn, you might damage your credibility. It sounds like you need to find your sweet spot!

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A Sensational headline tricks you into opening a full post or article and rather than presenting the intended purpose the headline promises, the accuracy and quality are questionable. This is commonly known as Clickbait but do we get it on LinkedIn and is it always a bad thing?

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Since the start of this year, the first cohort on the Creator Accelerator Program have been posting content on LinkedIn. So are they accelerating or misfiring? Let’s take a look at the five I selected to follow.

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There are lots of good reasons why you should use LinkedIn's post search feature...and they've just some excellent new filters to it!
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  • New Podcast network
  • Why video captions are important
  • What to do if your post gets taken down
  • Better post analytics coming soon
  • Does reducing connections improve post reach?
  • New features to services page
  • CAP expands to India
  • Post of the week
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I’ve been thinking about profiles and what we could do to make our profiles more interesting and personalised so I’ve come up with some ideas...

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We all know that posts on LinkedIn that are 'personal' attract more engagement and views but taking a personal approach to content, is not an easy thing for most of us.

In this episode, I share some useful tips on how to bring your personality to your posts

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Who are your followers and how many of them are your target audience? In addition, how many of them actually see your content?

We work hard to produce great quality content but are the right people seeing it? Is this something we can control?

The answer is yes…and no!

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Have you ever blocked someone on LinkedIn? This week I chat with John Espirian about useful ways to use this feature.

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What changes can we expect and hope for on LinkedIn this year?

In this episode, I will go through my hopes, fears, and predictions for 2022…I think it’s going to be a good one!

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