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Welcome to this weeks episode, a shorter one due to work commitments but I’ve had a week to play with the new Events feature and wanted to share my thoughts.

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Welcome to episode 266.

So the time has finally come, I’ve been waiting in nervous anticipation for this for months and finally, LinkedIn have announced their new company page features. It, therefore, makes sense to focus on them this week although I will also continue with the series on LinkedIn settings.

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Welcome to a new and special episode on LinkedInformed.

A shift from the normal format, this week I’m chatting with Scott Millward, the Marketing Director of Matt Burton Associates.

Scott only started posting on LinkedIn in February 2019 and in a matter of months he was producing posts that went viral. How did he manage to do that so quickly?

Prior to our interview I checked back and counted the average engagement he received on his last 10 posts;

Reactions (Likes etc) – 1289/post

Comments – 193/post

In this fascinating interview, Scott reveals the techniques he has utilised to gain this level of success – enjoy!

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Welcome to this weeks fill of LinkedIn news and information.

In this episode, I continue to cover Privacy and settings but before that…….

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

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