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Apparently, at LinkedIn they have a saying;

 “People You Know, Talking About Things You Care About.”

And so they have announced that they have been adjusting our feed algorithm to give us exactly that.

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Welcome to episode 252. I thought it was about time we revisited Articles this week. I’m not the most prolific article writer so I thought I would ask, fan of the show and business copywriting expert, John Espirian onto the show.

In our chat, I ask John about what to write about, how often to do it and how long an article should be. John talks about styles of writing, how to stimulate ideas and how to best repurpose blog pieces as LinkedIn articles

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Covered in this show;

  • A brief history of LinkedIn Ads
  • Can you have too many followers
  • Do paid followers have any benefit?
  • Spy used AI-generated face to connect with targets
  • New invitation feature (coming soon)
  • Scheduling posts - is it worth bothering?
  • Post of the week


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Welcome to another episode and a bit of a landmark really, our 250th one! Thank you so much to everyone that subscribes, listens and/or reads the show notes.

I consider it a real privilege to host and produce the show and I’ve had such an amazing time putting together all 250 of them!

Items in this show;

4:44 - Interesting stuff I saw this week

17:07 LinkedIn Updates

29:07 Can you spot a fake profile

51:46 Post of the week

56:06 AFQ - question

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This is an unusual episode in that it’s very short due to the fact I’m leaving for sunny Madrid today to attend the Champions league final frivolities….I nearly type celebrations then…but that would be tempting fate!

I nearly skipped a week but I just had so many good posts to talk about……thank you all so much for nominating them, the quality seems to be increasing!

So the main thrust of this episode is to talk through four brilliant posts that grabbed our attention this week but first….

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