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You sit down to write that LinkedIn post. You have a good topic but you know it’s important to stop the scroll with a strong headline and motivate those who read it to comment…and you're stuck!

Maybe a robot can help? Have you considered the benefits of using AI to stimulate better copy ideas and structure?

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LinkedIn produce a new feature that is unlikely to deliver exciting results yet marketing professionals get excited about it. Is there a danger that they are guilty of being the emperors’ weavers?

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The marketing department, the recruitment team, sales executives, and other employees are active on LinkedIn but there’s no sign of the CEO or other occupants of the boardroom. Why your leaders should be more visible on LinkedIn.

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You want your posts to be highly visible but you are concerned that if you publish the sort of content that is typically popular on LinkedIn, you might damage your credibility. It sounds like you need to find your sweet spot!

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