Informed Podcast by Mark Williams The podcast for LinkedIn™️ users

Are you sure you want to be providing LinkedIn™️ with your hard earned knowledge for a badge?

Do the benefits of collaborative articles add up?

That plus;

  • An update on the revamped Services section

  • A voice message tip

  • Sales Navigator improvements

  • New profile photo feature

  • Another new 'Pay to spam' feature update

  • B2B Deep sales playbook. Useful or a Sales Navigator ad?

  • Are LinkedIn Corp' Sales professionals using LinkedIn™️?

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It's that time of the year when the legend that is Richard van der Blom publishes his LinkedIn™️ algorithm insights report so in this episode I discuss some of the highlights, what we can learn and why we need to treat the results with caution.

Also covered;

  • Services page gets a makeover

  • Creator mode is going

  • Is profile verification enough?

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This week I find out about the 'person behind the profile' with the LinkedIn content Queen herself Nanna Sondrup

Nanna was very open and honest in this chat where she describes a troubled childhood experiencing terrible bullying and parents distracted by her brother who had severe ADHD challenges.

She herself was later diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD yet has managed to become a very well known LinkedIn™️ expert in Denmark.

Join me in hearing why Nanna is such an INteresting person!

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