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Christmas is almost here and this is the last episode of 2021 so let’s take a look back at what’s been happening on LinkedIn this year.

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A fantastic new notification feature was introduced this week but does this now require us to look more closely at our notification settings?

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LinkedIn have announced the first cohort of 100 creators to benefit from funding and guidance support. I take a look at who they have selected and whether they are deserving of this support or not!

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“Why should I bother creating awesome content, when it is arbitrarily limited by my connection network and not the quality of the content?”

I saw this comment in a thread this week and do you know what, it’s a really good point! …I think LinkedIn needs another feed, a feed where content is purely there because the algorithm thinks we will be interested - connecting, following and relevance do not count - just the quality and subject of the content.

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Do you want followers or connections? Is a connection more valuable than a follower and can you build relationships with followers without the need to connect?

This week I deep dive into this and explore the relationship between followers and connections

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I have been calling for employee verification on LinkedIn for years and LinkedIn have finally implemented it for company page admins…Unfortunately, they have done it for completely the wrong reasons and it doesn’t help at all!

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It takes a leap of faith to be authentic on LinkedIn.

More than that, it takes real courage!

But the benefits are massive... it's time to take that hat off!

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With the rumored introduction of a LinkedIn digital wallet and the announcement that Events will the first feature likely to utilize it.
I take a look at what features of LinkedIn could be monetized by users and explore whether this would be a good thing for the platform.

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LinkedIns new initiative to support creators is now in full swing.

Is it any good?

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LinkedIn are putting their money where their mouth is regarding their initiative to support creators with the announcement that they are offering $15,000 (c£11,000) grants plus other support to 100 creators in the US. I take a deeper look into what this means and how it might be used in practice.

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Welcome to LinkedInformed 336.

This week I chat with fellow LinkedIn Trainer Teddy Burris about the challenges we all face with the posting and engaging…the fear factor!

What stops us from engaging more on LinkedIn? Is it really a time thing, or is it for normally more complex and deeper reasons.

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Why don’t they tell us the truth?

Why do LinkedIn keep things hidden from us?

LinkedIn have no obligation to tell us what is going on, they are a private organisation and are perfectly entitled to their secrets…but is it clever to keep your users second-guessing? What impression do we form of a company when they lack authenticity in this way? Does it matter to you?

LinkedIn will continue to evolve but they could achieve so much more by adopting a more open style of communication.

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This week I chat with Brynne Tillman about Social Selling and her take on how to conduct a successful outbound strategy without being ‘icky’ or pushy. Those of you who listen to the podcast regularly will know that I favour a more inbound focussed approach to social sales on Linkedin but I have always admired the different approach adopted by Brynne and believed that having her on the show would provide a great balance to what you normally hear…she didn’t disappoint!

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The news that LinkedIn were launching a Freelancer booking service similar to the likes of Fiverr and Upwork was originally broken in February this year…since then we have heard very little until last week when a number of people reported a new feature allowing them to ask for reviews of their services.

With the full Marketplace feature planned for launching in Autumn/Fall this year, I thought it was time to start planning for its arrival.

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Welcome to your weekly dose of all things LinkedIn. This is the first installment in a new series focusing on the subject of social selling. I believe that we all need to understand this subject in order to succeed on LinkedIn, whether we be directly in a sales role or not. Marketeers, job seekers, recruiters, business owners, and anyone wanting to enhance their career by becoming more influential should master social selling.

In this first episode, I chat with Ian Moyse, an experienced Sales Leader in the Cloud industry who has been involved with social selling for many years, he was even a guest on one of the first episodes of the LinkedInformed podcast back in 2014!

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From humble beginnings in May 2003, LinkedIn has become a global phenomenon and one of the true social media powerhouses with over 774 million members and a turnover now in excess of $10 billion a year. In this edition, I’m going to look into why and how they have achieved such success.
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Welcome to this weeks dose of all things LinkedIn.

I've struggled through the heatwave that has hit the UK this week to bring you this episode, I hope you appreciate it!

Having missed last week, I have a number of things to cover but no one topic that dominates this edition, hence why I’m calling it a catch-up!

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Welcome to a special edition of LinkedInformed where I debate with Michelle J Raymond the merits or otherwise of LinkedIn company pages.

Michelle is a big fan of Pages and has built her business by helping her clients to successfully win business through their company pages, I say that her clients would be far more successful if they focus the vast majority of their time on developing their personal content, engagement, and relationships…you can make up your own mind as to who won the argument!

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LinkedIn content has changed almost beyond recognition from where it was 10 years ago, even perhaps 5 years ago.

We now see pictures and videos of pets, people talking openly about their emotions, and posts designed purely to entertain us so the question I want to ask in this episode is this;

Have we gone too far and where is the line of appropriateness?

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This week I chat with Kim Arnold, the author of the brilliant new book 'Email Attraction' about how to write better direct messages and InMails.

Plus a couple of news items and a brilliant post of the week.

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In this episode, I share my views on why taking a more diverse approach to LinkedIn and how it can help us be more successful. I also tackle the tricky issue of profile pronouns!

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This week I chat with Greete Eluri from Denmark about how she not only managed to get a new job but also changed careers through the visibility she gained from actively engaging on LinkedIn.

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Have you made your cover story video yet? Don’t tell me you haven’t got the feature yet…so what? You can still make your video in preparation for getting it soon.

This week I’m going to give you my tips on how to put together a great cover story video with the help of some great examples.

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I asked listeners if they would be prepared to have me critically appraise their LinkedIn posts...Funnily enough, I didn't get many volunteers but all credit to Patrick Twitchett for being brave enough to give it a go.

In this episode, I take a look at four recent posts, two that did well and two that somewhat bombed!

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This week I chat with Craig Brookes who runs a home improvement business in Sheffield, England.

Craig has had a huge impact on LinkedIn by being genuine, authentic, and straight-talking.

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Need to launch a book or promote an event on LinkedIn?

A great way to do this successfully is to collaborate with influencers.

This week I chat with Gordon Glenister about his new book "Influencer Marketing Strategy'.

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Michael Frackowiak faced a very uncertain future for his tailor-made suit business when the Pandemic hit last year...then he found LinkedIn!

Now his business is thriving! 

Tune in to hear Michaels amazing story.

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This week I chat with Kelsi Cory, A Recruiter who recently found herself banned by LinkedIn.

Kelsi was just doing her job - no automation or spam! A warning to us all!

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This week I focus on one of the best new features LinkedIn have announced in recent times. Video 'Cover Story' profile introductions.

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Can you generate leads and new business successfully without a sales navigator account?

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Native LinkedIn video posts have been around for some time but I still find it a challenge to get my clients to post them. With that in mind, I have decided to create a step-by-step guide for starting out with LinkedIn video.

04.30 - LinkedIn news

25.35 - Video posts

01.02.50 - Post of the week

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Welcome to your latest dose of LinkedIn news, tips, and discussion. Thus weeks I’m returning to the subject of Followers, in many respects, these people are the key to our success on LinkedIn so I want to look more deeply into how we attract more of them.

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Welcome to this weeks LinkedInformed which is primarily going to be a continuation of last weeks chat with Andreas. I would recommend consuming that before continuing as it will provide you with more context for what is about to follow

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A special episode this week as I chat with Andreas Jonsson, the CEO of the LinkedIn analytics company Shield.

Sit back and enjoy listening as we get into all sorts of details about the LinkedIn algorithms, what types of posts engage, and plenty more.

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We know LinkedIn groups aren't what they should be and that LinkedIn have left the functionality woefully short of Facebook groups but that doesn't mean that we can't make them work for us.

It's time start taking responsibility ourselves and stop waiting for LinkedIn to pull their socks up.

Dylan Jones is doing just that!

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Welcome to another LinkedInformed. This week I want to focus on how we communicate on LinkedIn.

There are lots of ways to communicate with others on LinkedIn and I will cover them all but the overriding principle of effective communication is that it needs to be a two-way process.

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One of my first tasks every year involves disconnecting with people who are no longer relevant or adding value to my LinkedIn network. Why do I and others do this and what are the benefits?

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Whilst many of us would prefer to forget about last year, I do think we can learn a lot from our experiences on Linkedin across the last 12 months.

With contributions from Mark Lee and John Espirian, I take a look back at 2020

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