LinkedInformed Podcast. The LinkedIn Show (general)

What happens after you connect with someone on LinkedIn?

In this episode, I talk through my recommended post connection process.

Plus my rant about the LinkedIn top voices lists and a brilliant post of the week.

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Your LinkedIn profile is clearly very important and underpins everything you do on LinkedIn – I think we all know that these days.

Building an effective, optimised profile is actually pretty easy, once you have been shown how. But one section, in my experience, causes us untold levels of anxiety – the About section (previously summary).

Most About sections are about as interesting as watching paint dry!

So why do we find it so hard to write something interesting and informative about ourselves?

In this edition of LinkedInformed I’m going to focus on how to write an excellent About section and demonstrate some great examples.

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Loren Greiff has an innovative approach to using LinkedIn, especially regarding two techniques that she explains in detail in this episode - Triggers and Ethical Line Jumping!

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It always happens whilst I’m away…

LinkedIn finally brought stories to the UK. Unfortunately I was too busy swimming in the crystal clear water of the Ionian sea to pay any attention to it!

Not only that, they also brought out another new feature just towards the end of the week that would have been really useful for the whole of my holiday but pretty useless right at the end!

So this week I’ve been spending lots of time experimenting and having fun with LinkedIn stories

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Are Followers better than connections?

Does scheduling content have a negative impact on post reach?

plus a hack that can improve your re-share reach

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Join the party for a celebration of reaching 300 episodes.

A look back at some earlier episodes plus lots of lovely messages from listeners.

A few new things about LinkedIn to discuss plus I ponder the question 'Is it worth posting something controversial?'

We also have a post of the week from a job seeker and a question about attracting post engagement

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There are plenty of myths out there about LinkedIn so this week I discuss my favourite 5 plus others from other LinkedIn specialists.

In addition, there are plenty of changes to the design and functionality of LinkedIn to talk about this week

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With episode 300 fast approaching I would be very grateful if you could send me a short audio message to be used in show 300.

Anything will do, just say whatever you wish!

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Could Newsletters be the saviour of LinkedIn Articles?


How The Economist achieves success with it's company page

A small change to profiles

Is the horrible copy & paste hack coming to LinkedIn?

How a start-up raised £200k from LinkedIn

Cross-platform posting

and we have two posts of the week!

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This week I chat with Amy Woods from Content 10x. I've previously covered repurposing from a DIY perspective but that can be time-consuming. Amy offers a service to outsource your repurposing and has some interesting and valuable experience to bring to you.

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This week I chat with Neal Schaffer about his new book 'The Age of Influence'.

Can influencer marketing be applicable to LinkedIn?

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At a time when there is an unprecedented number of job seekers on LinkedIn, the potential for fraud via fake jobs is greater than ever.

It is an absolute scandal that LinkedIn allow anyone to post a job under the name of any company on LinkedIn.

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Let's talk about authenticity! It seems to be a popular buzzword these days but what exactly does it mean in relation to your LinkedIn activities

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You know you need to post great content on LinkedIn on a consistent basis but finding the time and inspiration for content can be challenging.

Producing long-form content that is designed to be repurposed can be a fantastic way to ease that challenge.

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This week I chat with John Esperian about his new book Content DNA.

Amongst other things John tells us about his CHAIR framework for getting started with content on LinkedIn or elsewhere.

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The current crisis has unfortunately left many people without a job so this episode is specifically for anyone who is using LinkedIn to find a new job.

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In a world of fake news and social media manipulation where influential people such as politicians and even presidents can incite violence and hatred. Is it OK to censor content on LinkedIn?

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Does the new dwell time factor change the way we should produce posts?


LinkedIn push Groups again

Ad's retargeting

Ryans first words as CEO

Tagging the right people

Post of the week x2

A question about polls

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I've never been a fan of live streaming on LinkedIn but it's possible that the combination of LinkedIn Event s and live streaming could be a game changer.

This week I chat with Restream's Anya Razina about all things LinkedIn Live.


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LinkedIn Polls have returned after an absence of 7 years or so.

It’s great to have them back and I had high hopes that LinkedIn might have improved on the product in those 8 years…In this episode, I, with the help of Andy Foote, investigate whether they have.

Not just that but I cover LinkedIn Stories, the end of SSI  and a new feed algorithm that considers “dwell time’

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What's it like to work for LinkedIn?

This week I chat with ex LinkedIn employee Jenae Kaska about her time at LinkedIn and the work she did supporting users via the @LinkedInhelp Twitter account.

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Hey Mark, how are you in these crazy times? You around for a catch-up next week? I'm taking this time to talk to people in my network who I've not spoken to for a while!

This is a message I received from a connection this week and it reminded me that I'm not doing enough of this...Are you?

We all need to help each other at this time.

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As we enter the 3rd week of isolation, I tackle the issue of how to post effectively when our feeds are full of Covid-19 related content.

- Do we try to post about something different or is it best to just join in with the noise?

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Welcome to this weeks episode. I hope you are keeping well in these weird times we are having to cope with.

Some of you may be working from home whilst others may have been furloughed, either way, I hope this weeks episode helps to take your mind off the crisis for a while.

This week I going to let you listen to an interview I recently did with Scott Millward on his excellent Thought Bubble podcast. You may remember Scott from episode 265 where I chatted with him about how to go viral on LinkedIn.

We had a really interesting and thoroughly enjoyable chat and I thought you might like to hear it.

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Well well well, a lot can happen in a week!

Last week I casually mentioned Coronavirus at the end of the episode, like it was something of minor importance, now it dominates everything!

Including this episode.

Amongst all the panic and negativity out there, I thought I would share with you my own personal journey in dealing with this challenge. I like to think I'm pretty good in a crisis, in truth I'm really not but a few sleepless nights finally got my head into a better place.

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On December 4th 2019 Steve Phillip received the kind of call we all dread. He was informed his son Jordan had committed suicide.

As Steve reeled from the shock and devastation he turned to the place he knows best...LinkedIn

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Who are your followers and what do you do with them?

This week I look at how to find your company and personal followers and what to do to ensure your content is reaching those that are most important to you.

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LinkedIn have announced that they are currently testing Stories.

This short form, 24-hour type of content was made popular on Snapchat and Instagram.

Will it work for LinkedIn?

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I’m back! What an amazing holiday that was and I’m not going to lie…this week has been really difficult with jet-lag coupled with a desire to stay in Thailand forever somewhat messing with my workflow!!

So what happened whilst I was away?

In short – not much but what did happen was massive!

Jeff Wiener is stepping down and will be replaced by Ryan Roslansky. I’m not sure how much this was covered whilst I was away but let me tell you…This could be HUGE!

So in this episode, I want to look back at the reign of Jeff and dig into the background of Ryan to assess how much things will change under his leadership.

I also have a brilliant new feature to tell you about

And a post of the week.

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Welcome to episode 277 which should have been 278 but I failed to get an episode out last week so apologies for that.

Despite missing a week and thereby needing to search the internet back across the last 2 weeks, I found hardly anything of interest! It seems Jan is a very quiet month for LinkedIn news – checking back this time last year was exactly the same!

We do, however, have a brilliant post of the week to talk about as well as the main subject of relevancy.

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Welcome to the second episode of the year. I’ve been seeing some great results on LinkedIn through direct messages (DM’s) recently and yet 12 months ago, I was recommending people only send them with people they already know well.

So what has changed?

More of that later but as usual I will start with…

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week...

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Happy New Year and welcome to the first episode of 2020!

I thought it would be a good idea to start this year by looking back and what was a fantastic 2019 for LinkedInformed.

In this episode, I will reveal the top ten episodes of last year as well as reminding you of what we covered in the top five of those.

I also have a post of the year for 2019 and an overview of the challenges that lay ahead for LinkedIn.

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Welcome to episode 274 and Merry Christmas!

I think the week before Christmas is one of my favourites of the year. It’s never a busy time for LinkedIn training so I get to enjoy the build-up to the Christmas break…Christmas shopping, which largely involves answering the door to the Amazon delivery person these days! Plus carol concerts, Christmas films on TV and lots of nice messages from customers, associates and listeners to the show.

Unfortunately, Christmas is not always a happy time for everyone and I want to spare a thought for my buddy Steve Phillip. Steve bravely wrote an article this week announcing that he had recently lost his son to suicide. I’m close to Steve and when he told me the unexpected news I was completely numb with shock. I know it’s supposed to be a jolly time of year but I would ask all of you to take a few minutes to read his heartbreaking’s important because we all need to more aware of the dangers of mental health issues.

I have two main topics to cover this week – the new LinkedIn groups features and an Article written by a listener to the show ‘Lessons from my 2019 Linkedin experience’

In addition, I have some feedback from last weeks show, a couple of new features LinkedIn are testing and a fantastic post of the week.

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Hashtags and @mention tagging.

Two often misunderstood and misused features of LinkedIn.

Should you use them and what are the best techniques.

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This weeks episode is mainly dedicated to this years 'Top Voices' list. Whilst there are certain aspects of these lists that I find bewildering, it is also a genuine opportunity to discover great content producers and assess why they are successful


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LinkedIn have announced the top 10 company pages of 2019...but are they actually any good?

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Welcome to this weeks episode in a baron week for news I’ve been noticing some subtle changes that suggest LinkedIn might be testing out falsely boosting the distribution of reshares – this got me thinking about a much broader issue about how much LinkedIn try to control our behavior.

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Welcome to this weeks episode after a break for a week in the sun, I’m back fully refreshed and raring to go…oh and hating the cold, wet UK weather!

I have had a couple of listeners contact me this week to tell me about a strange message they received from LinkedIn regarding missing InMails, at first I thought it must be a hoax…it wasn’t!

Here's what you can found in this weeks episode;

06.00 - 11.30 Interesting stuff I saw this week

11.40 - 24.06 New Features

24.16 - 32.33 Do we need 30,000 connections?

32.44 - 45.20 The InMail Scandal

45.30 - 49.10 How our feed could be improved

49.20 - 53.18 Post of the week

53.28 - Question about the Daily rundown

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Welcome to a new episode, this week I pick up again on the final section of settings…Communication. These settings are pretty important and may have changed since you last took a look!

For more go to

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Welcome to this weeks episode, a shorter one due to work commitments but I’ve had a week to play with the new Events feature and wanted to share my thoughts.

More at

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Welcome to episode 266.

So the time has finally come, I’ve been waiting in nervous anticipation for this for months and finally, LinkedIn have announced their new company page features. It, therefore, makes sense to focus on them this week although I will also continue with the series on LinkedIn settings.

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Welcome to a new and special episode on LinkedInformed.

A shift from the normal format, this week I’m chatting with Scott Millward, the Marketing Director of Matt Burton Associates.

Scott only started posting on LinkedIn in February 2019 and in a matter of months he was producing posts that went viral. How did he manage to do that so quickly?

Prior to our interview I checked back and counted the average engagement he received on his last 10 posts;

Reactions (Likes etc) – 1289/post

Comments – 193/post

In this fascinating interview, Scott reveals the techniques he has utilised to gain this level of success – enjoy!

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Welcome to this weeks fill of LinkedIn news and information.

In this episode, I continue to cover Privacy and settings but before that…….

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

For the rest of the notes go to

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Welcome to LinkedInformed 263.

This week I continue with my tutorial on settings with probably the most important section of all - Privacy

But before that...

Go to for the full notes

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Welcome to episode 262, I hope you had a great week.

I thought I would cover a more educational topic this week by going through a very important but often ignored part of LinkedIn – your settings!

Once I started recording I realised this was far too big a subject to cover in one episode so I will break it down across 3 or 4 episodes. This week I’m covering the Account settings.

Also covered;

  • The Linked Inn in Grimsby
  • Have LinkedIn dumped one of Sales Navigators best features? 
  • New features (they don't all work properly)
  • New items in our feeds
  • Why do Document posts achieve higher views?
  • Post of the week
  • Are hashtags really worth bothering with?
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Hello and welcome, I’m back from my week away in San Francisco and I can tell you that my Find Nearby experiment yielded zero results! I had it on the whole time I was there and I checked it several times in busy places but never once saw anyone nearby!

How disappointing!

This week I want to return to Articles which we have covered recently but a listener highlighted an Article on LinkedIn about long-form content and I really felt I should counter it with a different perspective.

Firstly let me be clear……I definitely don’t believe long-form content is dead or even dying, I just think people need to recalibrate how they use it.

Anyway more of that later

Continued at

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Welcome to episode 260 which has been inspired by two separate incidents that occurred this week.

Firstly I had a session with a client who was really struggling to come up with ideas for content – I recommended she should start by using other peoples posts as inspiration to create similar posts.

Secondly, a friend found out that someone had been copying his content – word for word, A clear example of plagiarism.

This got me thinking about the differences between the two and where the line of acceptable practice sits.

More of that later…

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Welcome to episode 259.

It’s great to have followers but to increase the visibility of our posts we need to get more of them to engage.

This isn’t just about what we write but also about how we treat our followers, especially new ones!

This week my main focus is on my new (and not fully tested) engagement blueprint. I have covered elements of it before but the extra part that I want to focus on in this episode techniques to get our followers more engagement.

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Welcome to episode 258. We all know that post engagement is crucial for you to become visible on LinkedIn but not all ‘engagement’ types are equal. We know shares are pretty useless to you but what about Likes and Comments. Which one is best?

Following some interesting research I saw this week, I thought that would be an interesting topic to explore.

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Welcome to episode 257 where this week I want to cover a really important aspect of using LinkedIn in a productive and successful way… finding great content! As usual with LinkedIn, we have an algorithm that makes choices (often the wrong ones) for us but we can take actions to help us find and engage with the best content.

Also covered in this episode;

  • Main LinkedIn automation bot recommends it’s users to stop using it before their accounts get closed down!
  • Another story about a fake account, easily created due to poor LinkedIn design that was used to con financial journalists
  • A LinkedIn bug that allowed a fake job to be posted – CEO of Google!
  • LinkedIn will be moving its servers to the cloud!
  • Why is your post trending and is it something to celebrate?
  • What exactly is a ‘Top’ comment?
  • Do hashtags in comments count?
  • Post of the week. A video post with over 350 Likes, 200 comments and over 17,000 views
  • Question – Can you see the activity from someone from when they were blocked (after you unblock them)
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Welcome to this weeks digest of all things LinkedIn.

Today I want to address and issue which has always been a tricky question for LinkedIn users to answer…Should you connect to competitors?

More of that later but first…..

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

For the full show notes go to

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Welcome to a new episode and it’s great to be back after a wonderfully relaxing week away in the truly stunning Swiss alps.

About a month ago I received a personalised connection request from someone who had the words ‘LinkedIn and Neuroscience’ in his headline….as you can imagine this really piqued my interest.

What on earth does that mean?

So I arranged to have a chat with him and he explained to me his theories and how he uses his understanding of the ‘social brain’ to achieve success on LinkedIn…….so I just had to get him on the show!

But first…..Go to


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You open your laptop (or pick up your phone) in the morning, fire up LinkedIn and then notice this……

Wait….that’s not 2 invitations, it’s 2000! Where did they all of a sudden come from?

This week I’m investigating what I call the LinkedIn Invitation Tsunami. What is it, why does it happen and what you should do if it happens to you.

But first…..

Go to for the rest

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Apparently, at LinkedIn they have a saying;

 “People You Know, Talking About Things You Care About.”

And so they have announced that they have been adjusting our feed algorithm to give us exactly that.

More at

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Welcome to episode 252. I thought it was about time we revisited Articles this week. I’m not the most prolific article writer so I thought I would ask, fan of the show and business copywriting expert, John Espirian onto the show.

In our chat, I ask John about what to write about, how often to do it and how long an article should be. John talks about styles of writing, how to stimulate ideas and how to best repurpose blog pieces as LinkedIn articles

For more go to

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Covered in this show;

  • A brief history of LinkedIn Ads
  • Can you have too many followers
  • Do paid followers have any benefit?
  • Spy used AI-generated face to connect with targets
  • New invitation feature (coming soon)
  • Scheduling posts - is it worth bothering?
  • Post of the week


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Welcome to another episode and a bit of a landmark really, our 250th one! Thank you so much to everyone that subscribes, listens and/or reads the show notes.

I consider it a real privilege to host and produce the show and I’ve had such an amazing time putting together all 250 of them!

Items in this show;

4:44 - Interesting stuff I saw this week

17:07 LinkedIn Updates

29:07 Can you spot a fake profile

51:46 Post of the week

56:06 AFQ - question

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This is an unusual episode in that it’s very short due to the fact I’m leaving for sunny Madrid today to attend the Champions league final frivolities….I nearly type celebrations then…but that would be tempting fate!

I nearly skipped a week but I just had so many good posts to talk about……thank you all so much for nominating them, the quality seems to be increasing!

So the main thrust of this episode is to talk through four brilliant posts that grabbed our attention this week but first….

For more go to

Direct download: LinkedInformed_249.mp3
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  • Did you know you can buy LinkedIn Followers and more?
  • LinkedIn refreshes Sales Navigator homepage to put focus on alerts
  • Mike Winnet has released his first Contrepreneur episode…and it’s brilliant!
  • More on organic reach and recency 'hot streaks'
  • Post of the week
  • AFQ - How can I influence my Highlights section?

More at

Direct download: LinkedInformed_248_1.mp3
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In this weeks show;

Update on that new messaging feature - 3:50

Oleg has a new profile pic - 09:59

Josh Fechter lost his account - 12:00

New LinkedIn Member numbers - 17.29

How to spark meaningful conversations (according to LinkedIn) - 19:24

The New LinkedIn profile design - 23:24

LinkedInLive update - 31.13

Post of the week - 36:05

NOT post of the week! - 40:03

LinkedInLocal, Manchester - 43:59

AFQ - Question about invitations to connect - 45:50



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Hello and welcome to another episode of LinkedInformed and the first from my new office (studio). I hope the sound quality is the same as it was in my last office!

This week I want to focus on several new features but one in particular which really caught my attention!

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Welcome to episode 245. I hope you had a good week on LinkedIn, things definitely seem to be getting back to normal after the troubles of last week. That said, I know some of you are still finding you are invisible in searches so hang in there, the issue does appear to be getting better.

This week I want to focus on LinkedIn organic reach and try to answer the question ‘Has it peaked or is there more to come?’

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Welcome to another episode in what has been a difficult week for LinkedIn and many of its members.

I have two main topics to discuss this week;

  • LinkedIn seize control of LinkedInLocal events
  • LinkedIn had a meltdown this week with millions of users discovering that their profiles were invisible!
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Welcome to episode 243, this week I want to return to the subject of native LinkedIn video. It’s been a while since I covered this and the techniques for this type of post has developed somewhat. I also have some interesting analaysis to share with you on the content in my hoe page feed. But first…

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week


Feed Analysis

For the rest go to

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Welcome to a new episode of LinkedInformed. It's been a very slow week for news about LinkedIn so I thought I would take the opportunity to focus on the subject of content and specifically the type of posts that typically attract comments and likes and therefore have greater reach.

For more go to

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Welcome to this weeks show. So who do you follow on LinkedIn and why?

I’m not talking about who you connect with, that should be for different reasons (even though you do then follow them) but those people on LinkedIn that you purposely follow with the intention of seeing their activity, posts and articles in your feed.

Have you got a clear strategy or is it based on ad-hoc seeing ‘something good’ from someone and then following them’?

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Welcome to a new episode and this week I will be focussing on a subject that I haven’t covered before on the podcast – Employer branding and it’s close cousin, employee advocacy.

If you are not interested in recruiting or working in HR then this might be an episode to skip but I do know there are plenty of listeners who do have a keen interest in using their company page for employer branding purposes and the activities of some of their employees for employee advocacy purposes.

For more information go to

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Welcome to a new episode, this week we are back to talking about LinkedIn company pages.....but with a difference!

More of that later but as always firstly.......

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

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Welcome to episode 238. I really struggled to think of a title for this episode because unlike most weeks, no one subject dominates!

That said, I have a lot to talk about in this episode.

Firstly, due to a family bereavement, I will not be producing an episode next week but will be back the week after.

For the remaining notes go to

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Welcome to a new episode, this week I want to focus on attempting to answer one of the most common and complex questions I get about LinkedIn….Premium accounts – are they worth it?

More of that later……

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

For the rest of the show notes go to

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Welcome to a new episode, this week is very different as the majority of this show will be dedicated to a talk that I'm giving this week on LinkedIn visibility and posting techniques.

But first I wanted to highlight three posts that each deserve a special mention, all for different reasons.

Go to for the more

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Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great break over the Christmas holiday. I had an ‘enjoyable at times and stressful at times’ break and as I  decided to completely switch off from all work matters, it has been a busy last 2 weeks catching up on everything.

The main subject this week is empathy. If you are a long time listener then you may recall that I covered this previously in episode 122. I’m aware that many of you have only started listening to the show more recently and many don’t listen to every episode so I decided to cover it again…mainly because it is such an important subject!

More of that later…..

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

For more, go to

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Welcome to the Christmas edition of the podcast.

This will be the last episode this year so let me wish you all a fantastic Christmas break and an exciting a prosperous new year.

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

For the rest of the notes go to

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Welcome to episode 233 and this week I’m looking forward and planning for next year.

What is your plan for LinkedIn next year? Hopefully, I can stimulate a few ideas for you in this episode.

Before that though…..

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week.

I was fascinated to see this post go viral this week. It’s not applicable for post of the week because I don’t think it’s an especially great video post but it is worth examing why it went viral.

To read more go to

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Welcome to episode 232. This week the focus is all about my favourite subject….communication.

If there is one aspect of using LinkedIn that fascinates me the most, it’s the art of communicating effectively. It’s also one area that most people get wrong according to my homepage feed and probably yours too!

So you can imagine how excited I was when I recently met Kim Arnold, a communications and marketing expert!

So this weeks episode is focussed on a chat I recently had with Kim about how we communicate on LinkedIn and how we could do it better!

but first…..

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week


Mike Winnet does it again and gets more comments on this spoof copy post!

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Whilst the title for this episode is about posting, I actually have two main topics to cover this week.

  • Posting for Engagement – A case study
  • A closer look at new LinkedIn Events

I also have a ‘not’ post of the week as well as a post of the week!

In addition, we cover the following;

  • LinkedIn Stories
  • New Boolean operators
  • UK top voices
  • Three new features
  • LinkedIn Live video rumours
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Welcome to the 230th episode.

This week I cover;

  • LinkedIn Events
  • Do pods violate the user agreement?
  • LinkedIn Top Voices 2018
  • Several new features
  • Rumour - LinkedIn Stories!
  • LinkedIn Pages
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Welcome back to another show. This week I’m chatting with Andy Foote about the talk given by a LinkedIn executive called ‘creator-side optimization and incentives in social networks’.

This was a very interesting a quite revealing insight into how LinkedIn adjusted their algorithm earlier this year to counter what they described as a ‘perverse incentive’ where superstar content producers were being given too much visibility on our homepage feeds

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LinkedIn is changing rapidly!

This week I focus on 9 important changes LinkedIn have made since the last episode.

  1. New design for WVYP
  2. Articles saving on desktop
  3. Group posting from Homepage
  4. New free premium trial offer
  5. Articles 'series' pilot scheme
  6. New setting to make 'Follow' the default on your profile
  7. LinkedIn update 'Feed ranking optimization'
  8. Less information on LinkedIn emails
  9. Pilot test for the reintroduction of LinkedIn events feature

More information at

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This week I interview Kurt Shaver from Vengreso about the challenges of social selling and using LinkedIn in a corporate environment

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A couple of weeks ago I had a very interesting conversation with an experienced LinkedIn user about native video posts. They post regularly and get fantastic results but they have yet to do a video post. When I asked them why they couldn’t really answer. We explored this in more detail and agreed that it came down to two main factors;

  1. Technical barriers
  2. Concerned that others would think they look stupid


This troubled me but I put it down to an isolated experience, then last week I had almost exactly the same conversation with someone else! The final straw came this week when I delivered a follow-up training session and during my preparation (where I analyse the delegates activity since the last session) I discovered that, despite plenty of text and image posts, nobody had attempted a native video post.

I have covered video before but given the issues people seem to be having, I thought I would focus on this in this weeks episode.

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This week I respond to a post by Richard Moore about the apparent lack of 'Content Creators' on LinkedIn in the UK.

What exactly is he referring to and how do we define great content?

That plus a few interesting things I saw this week about LinkedIn.

More info at

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Welcome to episode 224, this week I want to mainly focus on company pages. A feature of LinkedIn that I have often been very critical of.

LinkedIn have announced their Top Company Pages of 2018 list so I thought I would take a closer look at some of those companies to try to understand what benefit they are gaining from LinkedIn.

I also want to return to the new groups experience as I now have the new features and thought I would add some further thoughts and things I have experienced.

For the full notes go to

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Thanks for all your feedback from last weeks episode about a wishlist for the new design of groups, well we didn't have to wait long did we? Well, to be more precise some of us do need to wait longer (myself included) to be able to play with the new design but on Tuesday this week, LinkedIn started rolling out their long-awaited new design that they are hoping can reinvigorate this much-maligned area of LinkedIn.

More about new groups later but first.

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

Very little news about LinkedIn this week apart from the following article that I saw in multiple places

The US accuses China of 'super aggressive' spy campaign on LinkedIn 


New Groups Design

I told you it was going to happen this week, didn't I?!

New groups have started rolling out and several people have been in touch to share their thoughts. I'm really frustrated to not be included in the early stages of the roll-out. I know these things are supposed to be random but I also know that they can add people to the rollout if they wish and it seems more than rude to not include people who have given up their time to assist with the evaluation of groups. Many people travelled to locations across the world to participate in the research that LinkedIn has undertaken at their own cost. LinkedIn have ignored many of these people and not included them in the early roll-out...Ignorance or incompetence? Probably a bit of both in my opinion!

Fortunately, my good buddy and fellow LinkedIn trainer Greg Cooper has got the new design so I called him up for a chat to get his perspective.

Here's what's new (so far)

  • The design is a replica of the homepage feed
  • Access is still via the Work menu
  • 'Todays highlights' page has gone, replaced with your list of groups. This list can only be scrolled through and not re-ordered
  • Native video posts
  • Editing posts - you can edit posts that you've published
  • You can now manage your group from the main mobile app
  • You can still search for members by name and message them but no introduction of keyword search.
  • #communities are on the left, not sure how these fit with groups?
  • Announcements have not returned
  • Comments can be replied to in a thread
  • Images can be added to comments


The overall sense I get is that they are moving much control away from group managers. It would appear that the roll-out will be fast in that one internal staffer has stated that it will be completely rolled out this month

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Welcome to episode 222. I hope you find this episode enjoyable and informative.

LinkedIn have recently announced that their new re-designed groups section will be launched at the end of August It's taken them over 18 months including much user consultation to get to this point so we are entitled to expect something special.

As of the time of recording, nothing has transpired so I thought it would be timely to create a list of all the things that we, as users want to see and then we can compare it to what we actually get!

More of that at

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Welcome to episode 221, after a weeks break while I was hiking around the Swiss Alps. If you have never been I would highly recommend it, as you can see below, the scenery is breathtaking!


Interesting Stuff I saw This Week
LinkedIn Groups Announcement

Thank you for your continued dedication to your LinkedIn groups. As you know we are fully rebuilding Groups and reintegrating it into the main LinkedIn website and mobile apps. We are excited for you to experience the new version of Groups which will start rolling out to all members at the end of August. We've heard from many of you over the past year that boosting engagement and enabling vibrant discussions in your groups is important, so we've prioritized features that support this including:

Making it easier to access Groups right from the LinkedIn homepage and improving visibility of group conversations in the main LinkedIn feed
Giving you the ability to manage your group on the go in the LinkedIn iOS and Android apps
Helping you stay up-to-date on group activity through Notifications
Enabling richer conversations with the ability to reply to comments, edit posts and comments, and post native video
All of your groups will be migrated automatically and for the first time the full functionality of Groups will be available from the LinkedIn app and desktop experience. In the coming months you'll also see new and better ways to manage your communities on LinkedIn. In the meantime, we've streamlined some existing admin functionality that we want you to be aware of:

Moderation queues will be temporarily unavailable. We realize the importance of moderation tools and are working on rebuilding moderation functionality in the new version of Groups. This rebuilt and improved moderation queue will be available in the next few months. We are not planning to rebuild the auto-generated classifier queue. We encourage you to review any content in the queues and remove any members who continue to violate your group rules.
Admin roles will be streamlined to just owners and managers. We heard feedback from many of you that current admin roles are confusing so we're simplifying to just owner and manager roles. Moderators will become regular members once this change takes effect. If you have moderators who you'd like to keep on as admins, please promote them to managers.
Admin and auto-generated group emails (including digests, automated templates, and announcements) will be unavailable as we build better and more robust notification and communication channels. We have seen significant lift in engagement to Groups coming from notifications and believe that notifications will be an effective way for you to communicate with your members. There is no required action for this change but we wanted to clearly highlight it as we know many of you plan your email content in advance.
We have many more updates coming and an engineering team dedicated to building admin functionality for Groups. We know your role as a group admin is integral to the success of your group, and we look forward to continuing to work with you as we build out the new experience. Thank you for your continued support in making groups on LinkedIn a trusted place to share knowledge and learn from other professionals. Visit the Help Center to learn more about the changes and stay tuned for more updates!

I'm not sure why people are kicking up such a fuss about this, LinkedIn are making it clear that these changes are mainly temporary, whilst they complete the implementation of a new Groups format. Let's hope new groups are something to be excited about it......I'm not holding my breath!

New Feature

Actually, it would be better described as an old feature that has been corrected!

This video post explains it;


LinkedIn Articles
Formerly known as Published posts, long-form articles on LinkedIn were once incredibly popular with authors achieving phenomenal view numbers.

In more recent times, views have dropped significantly.

In this chat with Deepak, we explore why that has happened and debate with Articles are still worth writing and how often.

Click on the image below to view Deepaks full profile.


Summary of points covered;

Deepak is sceptical that posts and engagement generate business. He once did a post that attracted over 2 million views but didn't attract any leads from it whereas he gained business from Articles with significantly less views.
FACT: Article views are actual clicks - Post views are merely page impressions (no guarantee it has been viewed) so you can't compare the two.
Posts are more popular than articles due to a lower barrier on entry - both in terms of production and consumption.
Articles have generated more conversions to actual business for Deepak because the reader is more engaged.
The increased use of mobile has coincided with the decrease in Article views. Is it a coincidence or are mobile users less likely to read long-form content?
Because of the lower entry barrier of posts, there are significantly more of them and this is bound to have a negative impact on Article views.
Posts and Articles can and should work in tandem. In summary, posts establish and maintain rapport whereas Articles are more likely to establish credibility.
Deepak believes that having a strong body of long-form content attached to your account can help with LinkedIn search optimisation. This is unproven but would make sense (less about keywords and more to do with LinkedIn recognising you as an expert).
Articles have the advantage of a long shelf life although if you produce too many, they are almost impossible to find.
The 'See more Articles from' section at the bottom appears to have no topic relevance, even when hashtags are used. The articles are just in date order.
If you were to post long-form content on your website rather then as a LinkedIn article, it is more likely to rank higher for SEO. You could of course post on both!
The case for writing more Articles is that you create a broader body of work, covering a wider variety of topics which gives you a greater chance of appealing to a potential customer.
A strong body of work also shows the reader that you are serious about your subject.

I really enjoyed chatting with Deepak and I think he made some excellent points.

I'm unlikley to start writing an article a week but I can definitely see the beenefits more clearly now....I hope you can too.

Let me know your thoughts.


That's it for this week.


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Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode. This week I have had messages from several people about an article doing the rounds that details how the LinkedIn algorithm works – “Wow, that sounds very interesting” I thought….then I read it and felt somewhat cheated.

It’s not what it purports to be but I do think it’s worth covering so that will be the main subject for this week

More of that later but first…..

Go to

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Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode. After two weeks of discussing Pods we are moving onto pastures new. This week I want to focus attention on the continued development of #LinkedInLocal with LocalX.

I was lucky enough to get to attend the launch party of LocalX in London recently and wanted to share my thoughts on this new initiative and also why I think LinkedIn have really missed an opportunity with LinkedIn Local.

More of that later but first…..

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Welcome to a new episode of LinkedInformed.

The main content this week is the second half of my recent interview with Lynnaire Johnston about LinkedIn pods plus my conclusions on the subject.

But first……

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

How to beat LinkedIn : The Game

This spoof article made me chuckle…enjoy!

Microsoft quotes from their latest earnings call about LinkedIn Taken from this article from The Motley Fool

Microsoft’s 2016 acquisition of LinkedIn is increasingly looking like a winning bet. Sure, Microsoft had to fork over more than $26 billion to acquire the company, but LinkedIn continues to see incredible momentum nearly two years after the social network for professionals was acquired.

Over 575 million members strong, fiscal 2018 was a record year for LinkedIn. Further, Nadella said LinkedIn’s year-over-year revenue growth accelerated for the fifth quarter in a row in Q4, to 37%.

“We saw record levels of engagement and job postings again this quarter, with sessions growth up 41% year-over-year,” Nadella said. “This strong engagement is driven by quality of the feed, video, messaging and the acceleration of mobile usage, with mobile sessions up more than 55% year-over-year.”

Got to for the rest of the notes

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What are pods?

Sometimes they are called engagement or amplify or boosting pods. The basic premise is that a group of active users form a group/community somewhere online (LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack or any other online community site) and announce (with a link) to the group everytime they publish a post or article on LinkedIn. The agreement is that everyone in the group then engages with that post (Liking and/or commenting).

This has two effects;

  1. It spreads the post to a section of their followers which is likely to increase views and engagement
  2. The algorithm will give an extra boost to more of your followers if it believes the post is popular. This calculation seems to be made within the first hour after posting.


Pods are sometimes managed by one individual with strict rules and procedures and others are managed much more loosely. Some pods have hundreds of members and others are much smaller.

I first came across them last year when a listener directed me to a Facebook group that was set up for this purpose, then again earlier this year when I saw this article. My first reaction was that they seemed somewhat ‘shady’ and populated by ‘internet marketers’ who were trying to cut corners and gain quick wins (as they do!).

Then a couple of months I was invited to join one by someone I knew and respected so I thought I would join to learn more and assess it’s effectiveness.

My experience is that they do work but only when managed correctly but I wanted to get the views and knowledge from someone who has been using pods for much longer – enter podcast listener Lynnaire Johnston.

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Where were you last week?

Unexpected holiday?

Did I miss an episode?

Ooops…sorry about last week folks, this episode didn’t happen last week because, well to be perfectly frank…I had the podcasters equivalent of writers block!

But I’m back on it this week and this is a tricky subject that probably effects all of us at some time.

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

I’ve scanned the internet for interesting articles about LinkedIn and there really is very little but this one instigated a rant from me…just a little one!

Dear LinkedIn, Did You Forget You’re a Business Site?

What a load of C*** or codswallop as some posh English people say!

Why do people feel the need to dictate how LinkedIn should be, based purely on their own preferences. LinkedIn should be inclusive to all people. Some people love emojis and others hate them…that’s fine but just because you hate them, that isn’t a reason to prevent others from using them. Some industries and some users of a certain age love using emojis. If you are sent one then just ignore it, give feedback to the sender or just simply block them.

This nicely leads me into the main subject of this weeks episode…….The etiquette of using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Etiquette

I was talking to a fellow LinkedIn Trainer last week and we were debating what we thought was acceptable or not when adding comments to a competitors post. This motivated me to publish the video below;

The comments thread on that post make very interesting reading.

It seems that a prominent view amongst many was that it’s OK to post a link provided it added value to the discussion and was not promotion….which sounds sensible but that doesn’t take into account the original poster (OP) – they have probably posted that content to encourage engagement and your link doesn’t help at all in that respect because it is taking people away from the thread.

No matter how well intentioned your actions, it’s not always clear to the OP that you are not promoting yourself – even if the link is to educational content that is highly relevant to the topic, you are still taking people from the thread to your website, which is still promotional! There is also a good chance it is actually detracting from the engagement thread so this could be considered bad manners.

The problem is that the right and wrong ‘line’ is different for everyone! This can all get very confusing for less experienced people who, understandably find it off-putting.

One person even suggested that hashtags and @mentions are inappropriate – I can’t subscribe to that though, they are mainly ways to bring people to the post which is doing the OP more of a favour.

The subject of course is much wider than post comments, other subjects that are relevant;

  • Tagging (@mentioning) people who you don’t know in your post.
  • Personalising invitations
  • Creating group messages or adding others into group messages
  • Sending Emojis
  • post connection ‘welcome’ messages


It’s a bit of a minefield isn’t it?

What other examples can you think of?

Did you know?

You can now add email addresses into posts and messages on LinkedIn and they become active, clickable links.

This is very useful. Unfortunately they still don’t convert to links in your profile which is where they would be most useful

Post of the Week

You may recall Simon Bourne from episode 207

I recently saw two posts from Simon, the first shows how genuine and authentic he is, the second shows how, by building a great following through being authentic, he is able to generate business on Linkedin.


Check out the comments below….Kerchinnng!

This weeks question comes from Jason Holt.

Question: A while back, I was a bit lazy when reaching out to people with connection requests and didn’t customise the message. (I know!) In my defence its not super easy on mobile but anyway…I now have a list of contacts who didn’t respond. I don’t know these people but they could potentially benefit from my services and would be great networking contacts for. They are local too. Can you suggest how I can recover this situation and try to obtain the connection. Is there a way of re-submitting the connection request?

Answer: The answer depends on how they reacted to your original invitation. > If they selected the ‘ignore’ response you can only invite them again if you have their email address. > If they neither ‘accepted’ or ‘ignored’ then you can withdraw the invite and try again. For the latter do this; > My network > Manage all > Sent > Withdraw


That’s it for this week, until next time.

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This weeks episode is all about something that is right in front of us, every time we log in to LinkedIn but it's something that most of us take very little notice of......and I think that's a missed opportunity. I'm talking about data - about companies and their employees. Companies that are our competitors, customers or prospective customers. I think we should all be taking more notice of this data, more of that later but first........

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

Unveiling Translations in the LinkedIn Feed

When you click on 'See translation' you see this

And here's how it compares to Google translate


A fantastic feature that will be really beneficial to people who operate in countries like the Netherlands where you want to reach an English and native speaking audience with your posts. It will also be very handy when someone @mentions you in a post that is written in a foreign language - this happens to me at least twice a month!

It's not as accurate as Google yet but should improve with time.

At First VidCon Summit, LinkedIn Video Creators Celebrate “Special” Community

Good to see LinkedIn recognised by the wider video creating community and given a spot at VidCon. I find it fascinating that these LinkedIn video creators, who seem to have come out of nowhere, are gaining almost 'YouTuber' like cult status!

I do think that a feature like Instagram stories would be great for Linkedin, such as this;

The only issue is that she has had to make this is IGTV (Instagram) so the portrait format looks awful on LinkedIn - hence the need for a way of making this type of video in the LinkedIn app.

I believe that the next stage for video on LinkedIn is the combination of video and stories - live streaming is probably the next stage after that but I'm not sure the LinkedIn community is ready for live just yet!

LinkedIn Data

I was recently sent this article by a listener to the show;

Recruiting on LinkedIn adds analytics and pointed questions

I'm really not sure I understand the question about the ethics of using this analytics tool to raid a competitor - isn't that what everyone does? This tool just provides better information to allow recruiters to 'poach' those that are more likely to be interested. The ethical question around headhunting has always seemed bizarre to me, to suggest it is wrong would suggest that a company somehow 'owns' its staff - that seems to be on much thinner moral ground (ice) to me!

Interestingly enough, someone else had mentioned LinkedIn's new Talent Insights feature to me recently and I had made a note to check it out.

If you want to hear LinkedIn talk about it, the video below is set play at the part where they announced Talent Insights at their Talent Intelligence Summit earlier this year.

LinkedIn describe Talent Insights as their most exciting product since Recruiter!

It will be launched next summer (2019)

There are two reports that it provides;

  1. Talent Pool which includes analysis based on a search by Job title/skill/location as follows;
    1. Total numbers plus or minus
    2. # that changed jobs in last 12 months
    3. How many jobs advertised
    4. Hiring demand index
    5. Location comparison
    6. City migration
    7. Main employers
    8. Which companies are increasing or losing staff in these areas
  2. Company Report.
    1. A deeper analysis of companies identified as main employers in point 7 above
    2. Skills
    3. Company locations
    4. Where they recruit from (employee source)
    5. Where do they go to after they leave

This all seems pretty exciting for Recruiters and it got me thinking about how useful such data could be for other purposes. As I started to think about it I realised that much of the useful data can easily be extracted from Sales Navigator!

Take this example;

Account search by location, industry and number of employees, then I used the headcount growth slider to identify which companies had seen the highest growth over the last 12 months

Furthermore, I can go into that company a drill down to a list of employees, here I can see exactly how long they have been at the company and in their role. This easily highlights those that are new.

This can be very useful data used for the following;

  • Competitor analysis
  • Recruiting opportunities
  • Business development
    • Fast growth = increase need to buy your product/service
    • downsizing = potential for financial assistance, interim services etc



As is often the case LinkedIn are demonstrating a lack of joined-up thinking. Much (not all) of what this new Talent Insights product provides can be found, quite easily within Sales Navigator already!

I'm assuming this new product will come with a hefty price tag and we have to wait at least a year to get it!

I've been quite disappointed with Sales Navigator recently. It's pretty hopeless as an engagement tool and is easily my preferred tool for posting, commenting etc but the data you can access is really very useful.

What are your thoughts? How else could this data be used?

You are 100% correct Rose, a company page is required to ensure that your company logo appears in your experience section which in turn ensures that it appears at the top of your profile.

I would never suggest that people don't have a company page, you also need it for advertising and it can be useful as a way of getting people to your website. It's a good feature for branding and providing information about your company - it's just a very poor feature for engaging with people.

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Welcome to episode 214. Due to time constraints, this will be a much shorter episode than normal but I did want to focus on company pages and specifically the issues that I have with them.

But first.....

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week


LinkedIn Kudos - My thoughts

The day after I published last weeks episode, I got the new kudos feature (and the Q code, see below).

Having played with Kudos for a while, I'm not that impressed.

  • The graphics are truly awful. Who do LinkedIn employ to do this stuff?
  • It's purely an activity, a post so there is nothing permanent about it. It doesn't show on your profile and there it's not searchable.
  • I haven't seen many Kudos posts, my guess is that it will be largely ignored and fizzle out.


I also got the new QR code feature

  • This is pretty useless until it's full rolled out to all users.
  • Once the above has happened it can make connecting easier when you meet someone. People often say they can't find me on the app (there are 3500 Mark Williams'!) so it would be handy to simply let them scan my Q code
  • Could this be useful for events? I sense it might be but I haven't quite worked out how! Any ideas?


This not only went viral but it's also a really good post that asks a great question. I like to think I make some good videos but this guy is a real pro (and a listener to the show)

Company Pages

This subject came back into my view this week when Tony Restell posted this;

Can you believe it?!!!

The more I thought about, the more I realised that this was a major weakness of the job posting and company page process on LinkedIn. So I decided to try it out myself!

Firstly I took one of my fake/testing accounts and changed their employment to my company on LinkedIn. This has always been a frustration for many of us - literally anyone can say they work for your company!

The next stage was to try posting a job

As you can see, I made it clear that this was a fake vacancy!

The interesting thing was that I was able to use the email address associated to the personal profile so all job applicants would come to that emails inbox!

I then set the PPC rate and bingo, the job posted!

The only caveat is that despite the above, I actually couldn't find the job on LinkedIn! Could this be because they have blocked the ad?

That is possible but I suspect it is actually just a current glitch with job postings.

I also had an interesting conversation this week with someone who was advocating the use of their company page

"What are you getting from your page" I asked. "We get a high number of page impressions" was the answer.

"And what do they give you?"  pause...... "It's good brand exposure"

Is it really?

Company page posts gain almost zero engagement - they often attract Likes (mainly from employees) but very few posts attract comments. If you get comments, you know for a fact that someone is paying attention to your post, in addition it gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with them. It's the main reason to post and by far the most important metric - Likes are 'two a penny', Shares simply don't work and page impressions are a meaningless figure (how do we even know they are true?).

If you can prove that your posts (updates) are sending a decent number of people to your website. I don't mean LinkedIn per se, I mean specifically updates. If they are then your activity has some value but otherwise, without comments you are achieving very little (apart from showing that your page is active).

Why don't people comment?

  • People on LinkedIn are much more interested in engaging with people
  • Company page posts are usually promotional and less engaging
  • Even when you do comment on a company page post, it's highly unlikely you will get a response because the administrators are not alerted (unless they are on the page)
  • Have you ever @mentioned a company in one of your posts?......What response did you get?


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Welcome to episode 213. A big thanks to everyone who contributed with ideas of LinkedIn mistakes/disasters that I can use in a book I’m considering writing. If you have any other stories, please let me know by either sending me a message on LinkedIn (it’s free even if we are not connected) or leave a voicemail (link on the right side of this page) or email me at

Some ideas so far;
Employees using LinkedIn to get their own back on former employers and vice versa
Political posts or comments from someone who is in business - what does this achieve?
Posting pictures in factories that may include commercially sensitive material that contravenes an NDA (commonplace in China).
Overly religious posts or comments. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs but LinkedIn is not the place to preach!
@mentioning someone who does not speak your language!
Keep them coming!

I have been spending some of this week getting familiar with the new communities feature on LinkedIn and I’m so excited by it that I’ve decided to feature it on this weeks episode.

More of that later…..

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

Groups update - nothing to get too excited about but a recent post in a group managers forum confirmed that progress is still being made and that they see that “success is largely defined by the quality of the discussions and connections formed within Groups”. That sounds promising although at the same time they also suggest that they are working to help group managers in 4 areas - building, growing, engaging and managing. The 2nd one ‘growing’ worries me as I believe that large groups are what caused the problem in the first place.

Cisco report. I mentioned this last week but admitted that I hadn’t read it. I have now and it makes for an interesting read;
Globally, IP video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021
Live Internet video will account for 13 percent of Internet video traffic by 2021
Smartphone traffic will exceed PC traffic by 2021. In 2016, PCs accounted for 46 percent of total IP traffic, but by 2021 PCs will account for only 25 percent of traffic
It would take an individual more than 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month in 2021!
You read the full report here

New on LinkedIn

LinkedIn debuts Your Commute, navigation and maps to evaluate jobs based on how far they are

This is quite a nice feature, if it works! My experience was that very few jobs in the UK had a stated location postcode, perhaps because they were added prior to this feature. The couple that I did find both stated the car journey was ‘2+ hours’ - not very helpful!

Introducing LinkedIn Kudos: Say Thanks and Show Your Appreciation

I don’t have this yet so it’s hard to comment without playing with it properly. How will it be used? Will you be able to search for it - perhaps via a Recruiter account.
More importantly, will anyone use it? I suspect it will be missed by most users unless LinkedIn do something to really highlight it.

LinkedIn are either rolling out or testing QR codes for your profile.

I can see myself using this as QR codes really haven’t taken off here but it will be an important feature in other countries.

Giving Companies More Ways to Learn with LinkedIn Learning Pro

This seems like quite a useful feature for large companies

Introducing Carousel Ads on LinkedIn

These look nice and help with storytelling, although videos are a better way to tell stories.
If they can do it for ad’s why not allow us to post ‘story images’ as normal posts?


Having played for almost a week now, I’m convinced this new feature has the potential of being a game changer for LinkedIn.
I’m not saying it will….that depends on how many people use it but if they do, it will fundamentally change the way we use Linkedin.

As you can see above the feature is accessed in the left side bar.

The first thing to note is that your feed has changed. Instead of being ordered by ‘top’ from those you follow who the algorithm thinks you might be interested in, it now shows posts from those you follow who have posted, Liked or Commented with and on #topics you follow.

This is much better but only of you refine what you are following. To do this;

> click on the ‘Discover more’ link (see arrow above)
> Unfollow those Topics LinkedIn has assumed you are interested in or those you no longer see as key.
> Check the other topics for any you wish to follow

To do this on mobile you need to tap on the 3 lines shown below

It is really important to get this right - only follow topics that fall into one of these categories

Something your prospects and customers are interested in
Something very closely related to what you do (product or service you provide)
Something that interests you.

These Topics will define the relevance of your feed from now on.

You can decide to filter your feed by just one specific topic by selecting it from your list of #topics

To make this quicker on desktop you can ‘pin’ your main topics.

Once you have set your feed up correctly you should see much better content that gives you plenty more opportunities to engage.

The premise here is that we should be focussed more on conversations around relevant topics than around specific people we wish to do business with.
When you focus on people, it leads to direct messaging and unwanted invitations to connect - these actions kill engagement and lead to lower levels of activity.
My belief is that, if people adopt the right approach to this, that those less active members will start to get more involved - that’s potentially amazing and why I believe this could be a game changer!

LinkedIn are making a major effort to ensure that #topics are widely adopted. Every post you do, as you are writing the text, you are suggested hashtags to use.

Having a more relevant feed should improve everyones LinkedIn experience allowing us to ;
Learn from others
Engage with a wider range of people
Expand and diversify our networks
Increase our own visibility

What I don’t like

The are several things that could go wrong. If people # incorrectly or misuse the function to ‘game the system’ our feeds could end up being poor again. The suggested tags feature could increase this issue as I have found it is often suggesting the wrong topics.

It is not possible to see what others are interested in. I think it would be better to show what topics someone is following in their profile. This will help us better understand the right topics to follow.

To my mind, engagement is at the heart of social selling and yet this feature is nowhere to be seen in Sales Navigator….go figure! Another example of a severe lack of joined up thinking at LinkedIn.

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Welcome to episode 212. A big thanks for all the feedback from last weeks show. Most of you seemed to enjoy Marjorie’s information about ProFinder although I was surprised by a couple of people who felt I shouldn’t have been promoting a service such as ProFinder - the premise being that LinkedIn are creating a market that is free to use (even though it isn’t) and once people are dependent on ProFinder as a source of work, they will start to charge more for it.
I massively struggle with that mindset - I can remember people in recruitment saying exactly the same thing about LinkedIn “Don’t support a business threat” was a common view and look at where we are now? You can’t put your head in the sand on things like that, a perceived ‘threat’ can become an opportunity but only if you embrace it.

This week I’m looking for your help…
I’m thinking of writing a book about my famous ‘rants’ about LinkedIn - I want to focus on the things that people do wrong or the things that go wrong on LinkedIn. Ideally from a humorous perspective.

What have you seen happen on LinkedIn that is a good example of a mishap or poor practice?
You don’t need to name names, just tell me the story.

As a starting point, I though I would cover my 5 biggest mistakes I see on LinkedIn and hope that you can help me add to the list.

But first…..

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

Airline sources a plane via a LinkedIn post!

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t consider LinkedIn to be a competitor

The Company (Drift) that did that cool video takeover thing on LinkedIn
Here’s an example of one of the videos posted by one of the team at Drift

New LinkedIn Features

New Sales Navigator profiles - a definite improvement

The people also views has gone but they do have an extra ‘Recommended leads at:’ section that isn’t shown above


Using Stickers and Text to Stand Out on LinkedIn Video

‘How You Match’ feature speeds up time-to-hire

Post of the Week

This one obviously resonated with me! Thanks to Gary Stockton for sending this one in.

Have you seen a post that you really enjoyed recently on LinkedIn? If so drop me a note on LinkedIn or via with a link to the post.


The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made on LinkedIn

  1. Poor quality profile. I’m amazed I still find myself saying this one! Bad profile pics, unedited headlines, non existent summaries, no background images….the list goes on and on. When will people realise that this is their professional identity online?!
  2. Promiscuous Connecting. Whilst it once made sense to grow very large networks and adopt a LION philosophy, those days are gone….in fact they have been gone for at least 5 years! Oversized networks add little extra value to your visibility, confuse the algorithm and potentially expose your other connections to scammers. Many automation tools facilitate this behaviour and it’s a massive mistake
  3. Inactivity. Linkedin are lucky to get 25% of their users to log in more than once a month….and that’s in a good quarter! There really is very little point in LinkedIn if you don’t at least engage in some activity every week. These ultra passive users are missing all sorts of opportunities. Even those that are active often ‘hold back’ on LinkedIn and are too scared or shy to post or comment on others posts, another missed opportunity.
  4. Direct selling. Sometimes is just blatant spam but more common than that is the blunt ‘I want something from you’ messages, InMail or posts. It’s like trying to french kiss someone when you first meet them on a first date! Another aspect of this is the ‘McFly’ posts you see all the time ‘Look at me’ ‘Aren't we wonderful’ and ‘look how we can help you (at a cost)’ - it’s all about you!
  5. Lazy Networking. Similar to the post of the week as shown above. Extensive use of short canned messages such as ‘congrats’ or only ever liking posts and never being bothered to comment, invitations that are not personalised or personalised with a message that is clearly sent to everyone (automation)


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Welcome to episode 211, this week’s episode is dedicated entirely to understanding LinkedIn ProFinder.

I haven’t used ProFinder as it is currently only available to users in the United States so I found an experienced (and award winning) user who could tell us all about it.

Let me introduce Marjorie Kavanagh

What is LinkedIn ProFinder?

ProFinder is LinkedIn’s own professional service marketplace’ where users can search for freelancers, small business owners or interim executives who can provide expertise in a variety of specialist disciplines.

You can access ProFinder by going to the ‘More’ menu on LinkedIn desktop

Freelancers can apply to be accepted as a ‘Pro’ in up to 10 of the 140 categories available in proFinder. These are broken down into 17 broad categories.

Freelancers can apply to be accepted as a ‘Pro’ in up to 10 of the 140 categories available in proFinder. These are broken down into 17 broad categories.

How to become a ‘Pro’

To be a successful applicant your main LinkedIn profile must satisfy five key requirements;
A good, professional profile photo
Experience and a headline that reflects the categories you are applying for
A clear summary that explains what you do
Strong recommendations appropriate to your application
Have published several articles relevant to your specialism

Once accepted, LinkedIn will create your ProFinder profile (you can’t amend this other then by changing your main LinkedIn profile).

Here is Marjorie’s profile;

You will then start to receive Request for Proposals (RFP). You are under no obligation to respond but you are advised to respond quickly as up to 5 ‘Pro’s will be sent the RFP and not all are sent at the same time.

What does it cost?

ProFinder is free for those who wish to appoint a Freelancer.

As a Pro, you get your first 10 RFP’s for free (not assignments, just proposals) after that you will need to upgrade your LinkedIn account to a Business Premium Account (currently $60/month)

The Process

As someone looking for services you can simply search for specific categories or go to an individuals page (strangely there is no link in their main LinkedIn profile).
If you click on the ‘Get free proposals’ link in Marjorie’s profile it takes me to the same predetermined questions for the category I have selected and that RFP will also be sent to 4 other people (despite starting this process from her profile!)

If there are more than 5 suitable pro’s then the algorithm will select what it considers the best ones (presumably taking into account the number of recommendations).

As a pro you will receive a notification by email and in your ProFinder Inbox - this is separate from your main LinkedIn inbox and there is no other way of knowing you have an RFP (this is very poor design in my opinion).

There is currently not a mobile app for ProFinder.

When responding to an RFP you have to provide a cost estimation or hourly rate and indicate whether you are happy to provide a free 15 minute consultation. Following this you have up to 1500 characters to present your credentials - LinkedIn’s advice is that short and concise works best. You can include links which could be a video introduction or an example of your work.

LinkedIn do not require that a client indicate that they have appointed you so it is not currently possible for LinkedIn to assess how successful you have been with your RFP’s in addition your recommendations are from your main LinkedIn profile and not specifically related to your ProFinder work.


LinkedIn ProFinder offer a fantastic opportunity to wide range of small business owners and freelancers. There is no doubt that it is still a beta product and in just one conversation I can see several obvious improvements that could be made.
ProFinder has been in existence for a couple of years now but there is currently no word from LinkedIn as to when it will be expanded beyond the US…if ever.

If you are in the US, I strongly recommend you check it out to see if any of the categories fit with your business. It could be a great way to outsource certain specialist projects and if you provide such services, an untapped lead generator!

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Welcome to episode 210, I’m back after a very restful week in the sun in Cape Verde and was surprised to see very little news about LinkedIn circulating the internet over the last couple of weeks so this is going to be a shorter than normal episode.

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

Actually not interesting at all! I got back from holiday to an email inbox that could only be described as GDPR hell! A plethora of emails asking me to read a new privacy policy (necessary but annoying) combined with a series of ‘Do you still want to hear from us’ followed by ‘Are you sure you want us to go?” emails encouraging me to opt-in to future emails. I’m not expert but I thought the idea of GDPR was to reduct the number of emails?!! I guess we may feel the benefit in the longer term. I have to say (again not from any position of expertise) that these people who are sending out ‘opt-in’ emails seem to be doing unnecessary damage to their business by culling lists they have built up over years.

Here is a post I published this week on the subject, which generated quite a debate!

Another example of scammers using LinkedIn in this article. This really highlights the need to be a bit more careful who we connect with, for everyones benefit.

LinkedIn Announces New Sales Navigator Capabilities

Is It Time To Re-think How We Use LinkedIn To Win Business?

LinkedIn has made it much harder to direct people to your own website. A client recently told me that their website referrals from LinkedIn were down by 50% over the last year!
Increased legislation regarding data privacy and email marketing (such as GDPR) is only likely to increase.

What is wrong with using LinkedIn to gain greater visibility to generate more business. If LinkedIn goes away, we just move with our audience.

I’m not suggesting we move away from email lists but I do think the ‘build a platform’ with the intention of building a list methodology might be worth challenging today. Is it still as relevant?

Michael Hyatt’s Platform book influenced me years ago and it’s still mostly relevant but I now question the ‘don’t build your brand on someone else platform’ philosophy.

Could it be time to focus more of our time on interacting with people on LinkedIn via posts, articles and groups rather than relying on building email lists?

The ‘passive income’ model is a myth. Everyone I know who makes decent money online does it through lots of hard work.


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Welcome to episode 209, this week we have a pre-recorded interview with Kris Holland who is a Marketing Manager with a specialist recruitment business called Charlton Morris

Kris and I engaged on LinkedIn following on from my posts about content marketing as covered in episode 204. Kris was keen to explain that content marketing had been working well for them so I thought it would be great to get him on the show.


Content should be designed to start conversations
They measure success by engagement but also by looking at Buzzsumo
It’s important to develop an understanding of the markets you service
When you focus on narrow/niche vertical markets you can ‘tune in’ to your audience and really give value in your content. Recruiters should be doing this.
Rule: Never sell in any content you post
Great content allows their consultants to be seen differently and with more respect.
Content creation forms can be a useful tool to help those who find writing difficult or time consuming
Articles often work better than in markets that involve complex or technical subjects
Consultants become better at their job by understanding their vertical market and subjects that are relevant and interesting to their clients and candidates

Here is the LinkedIn article we often referred to in this interview.

I hope you found that an interesting interview. How many recruitment businesses do you know who focus this heavily of content and understanding their specialist markets?

Let me know if you are aware of any companies, in any sector that you believe are using content effectively on LinkedIn.

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Welcome to episode 208, this week I am revisiting the search algorithm. If you are a long term listener you will recall that I tested the search algorithm a year ago in episode 161 and I promised that I would conduct the same test every year to check if the algorithm had changed……..and guess what, it has!
More of that later, but first…

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

LinkedIn Turns 15

Shameless drug dealers using LINKEDIN to sell Class A narcotics. I’m afraid this is classic British tabloid sensationalism! The profile of Scott Bush has already been deactivated and I could find very little other drug selling activity.

LinkedIn Updates

LinkedIn is now rolling out suggested hashtags in posts as per this voicemail from Lynnaire Johnston.

Post of the Week

I just love the positivity of this brilliant post from Michael Spence

LinkedIn SEO 2018

How easy is it to find your profile in a LinkedIn Search?
The LinkedIn search algorithm is a complex and ever changing beast. Search results are highly personalised so how can you tell whether your profile is easy to find by the people who you wish to be found by?

This is why I carry out a test every year to check what is important to ensure that your profile is correctly optimised for search.

WARNING : It's not an exact science! Don't get me wrong, there will be an exact science to this but no-one knows what it is apart from a select group of 'higher beings' who reside in some dark room at LinkedIn's headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA.

This group are sworn to secrecy so we will never know the answer to this mystery.......but we can perform some practical tests to get a better 'sense' of what is important in a profile.

The Test

I used 4 accounts for this test (my own and 3 others I was kindly given access to).

Account 1 - 9900 connections, highly active, based in Warrington, Cheshire, UK
Account 2 - 5785 connections, inactive, based in Manchester, UK
Account 3 - 291 connections, moderately active, based in London, UK
Account 4 - 3 connections, inactive, based in Warrington, Cheshire, UK

I performed the following search from each of these accounts (within minutes of each other)

Keywords : copywriting OR copywriter and filtered by 'people'

Initially the results were analysed without any further filters.Initially the results were analysed without any further filters.
I assessed the importance of the following profile attributes for the top ten results (1st page) for each of the four results. Keywords in headline Keywords in current job title Keywords in Company name Keywords in Summary Keywords in experience (other than current job title) Total keywords throughout profile Network connection (1st, 2nd, 3rd tier or beyond) Shared connections Location Activity (Likes, Comments, Shares, Posts and Articles) Profile Strength Skills Endorsements Interests (number and mutuality)Then I added a location filter of London to all four searches and re-analysed the results.

Each result was also filtered to see how many 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier connections there were.

The ResultsThe first thing to note is that I performed the same analysis last year (more information here) and the results this time were significantly different. This shows how LinkedIn are constantly changing the search algorithm and/or it is adjusting itself (machine learning).
Out of the above 14 criteria, only 3 appeared consistently in the top 10 results of each of the 4 searches.
Keywords in headline Location Skills


All 40 profiles (top 10 in each search) had one or both of the keywords in the headline. The number of times the keyword appeared throughout the profile was not important and the keywords did not always appear in any of the other sections.Conclusion: Ensure your 120 character headline field is stuffed full of keywords and phrases


You would expect location to be an important factor when used as a filter but it was also key when no filters were applied. All of the top 10 results in each search were local to that account.Conclusion: Your location is critical in LinkedIn SEO. If you are a jobseeker you should change your postal code to where you believe the jobs are most likely to be.If you are using LinkedIn to win more clients, consider changing your postal code to where your prospects are based.


Whilst you can't search for skills (other than with a Recruiter account) it appears that skills are now a key factor in the search algorithm ranking. All 40 profiles had 'Copywriting' (copywriter isn't a skill) as a skill.Endorsements: Whilst the number of endorsements didn't seem to have an effect, it did seem important for the skill to have been endorsed at least once (the lowest number of endorsements I saw was 2 and they ranked pretty high).Conclusion: Ensure you have all your important keywords covered by your skills. The max number of skills is 50. I would advise starting with 20 and once they are all endorsed at least once, increase this number gradually to 50. A skill without an endorsement is pretty useless!

One more thing....This one really surprised me and is a major change from my previous tests.

First Tier Connections perform poorly in search results!

Much to my surprise I found that in each of the 4 results, first tier appeared almost nowhere! In the search on my account with 9900 connections, there were 712 first tier in the c1.7 million result yet the first one only appeared in 123rd position but it met very similar criteria to those who appeared in the top ten.The first page of results was almost always 2nd tier with an occasional appearance of a 3rd tier.

Conclusion: If you can identify someone who you think might be searching for someone like you (for instance a Recruiter in a company you wish to work for), consider following them rather than connecting.

How important is LinkedIn SEO?

If you are a jobseeker, it's extremely important. The vast majority of searches performed on LinkedIn are by Recruiters and you should optimise your profile in line with these results.
If however, you are using LinkedIn as a business development and social selling tool then it's significantly less important.
How many people use LinkedIn to find suppliers?...Not many in truth. People generally don't use LinkedIn search the way they use Google. That said, it is worth being mindful of how optimised your profile is.

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Welcome to episode 207, this week I had the pleasure of chatting with Simon Bourne from The Hand Dyed Shoe Company. Simon is a classic example of what can be achieved when you use LinkedIn to develop an authentic personal brand.



LinkedIn has massive untapped potential to develop your brand
Simon developed his visibility because he posted honest, authentic content about his personal and business journey.
LinkedIn success is not about View or Share Numbers it's about the reaction you get from followers, on and off line.
Quote “it's not about selling your products, it's about developing your brand”.
You can be more promotional with your posts once you have built an engaged audience.
The power of storytelling. Authentic stories are the way to develop a brand, you must stir emotion to gain engagement.
Never follow what other people do on LinkedIn. Be you and show your authentic emotions.
Once you are visible and your followers are emotionally invested in you, it becomes relatively straightforward to sell to them.

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