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Bruce Johnston has been helping people use LinkedIn™️ more effectively for the last 13 years and I've been a follower for 8 years. Bruce is a great wordsmith and one of the more original thinkers out there when it comes to LinkedIn™️ so I thought it was about time to bring him onto the show to share some of his insights.

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LinkedIn™️ seem to love it, more and more posts are created by it and comment threads are becoming infested with I thought it was time to revisit the topic of AI and try to answer this important question...

Can AI be used in a credible, authentic and ethical way on LinkedIn™️?

That plus...

  • New - Company page premium inc' Who viewed your company page'

  • An improved 'Premium benefits' page plus a special offer

  • Why the new 'Recruiters verification badge' is a disgrace!

  • Post search results now favour Articles

  • A great new option for profile custom buttons

  • An interesting piece on Colla'boring'ative articles!

  • Post of the week

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This week I chat with Merrill Charette a long timer listener to the podcast (and a podcaster himself!) about his upbringing, experiences and how he ended up in the maritime industry.

I really enjoyed chatting with Merrill who is a fascinating character and a great raconteur. In this interview we cover;

  • How he grew up the '6th child' with his other siblings being 5 Old English Sheepdogs!

  • His very sports orientated childhood and his (and his fathers) obsession with Lacrosse

  • The benefits of focus and determination to achieve his potential in lacrosse

  • How he attended 4 high schools in 5 years experiencing bullying at every turn

  • Tough love from his father

  • Why he gave up lacrosse and rebuilt his identity

  • Dealing with authority (when you know they are wrong)

  • The 1000 Origami Crane Challenge and how it changed him

  • Completing a challenging 2,200-mile trek along the Appalachian Trail

  • Quitting law school

  • The difference between moving on and giving up

  • How a random comment from a stranger "You could always live on a boat" led him to the maritime industry.

  • How he negotiated for and bought his first boat

  • How he taught himself to sail his first voyage from New York to Boston

  • Finding a new community of boat owners

  • Becoming a boating entrepreneur as an outsider to the industry

  • Artificial intelligence and the maritime industry

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