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This is the final episode of 2020...and good riddance to it, what a year!

I thought it would be fun to give you my predictions for next year but also to look back at some of my previous predictions to see whether I'm a visionary or not!

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By reputation, most LinkedIn users believe groups to be the place where people pitch their wares but don't start or engage in round-table discussions.

Is this still true and should we be taking a closer look at groups again?

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Native video posts have become a popular way to share ideas, provide helpful tips and build relationships with your followers, and with the recent addition of Stories, where video typically features heavily, I thought it would be worth revisiting the topic.

David Kilkelly is one of my favourite video experts on LinkedIn. I have followed him for some time for a source of inspiration and helpful tips so I thought I would have a chat with him about LinkedIn video. Interestingly our chat was as much about content as it was specifically about video.

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What happens after you connect with someone on LinkedIn?

In this episode, I talk through my recommended post connection process.

Plus my rant about the LinkedIn top voices lists and a brilliant post of the week.

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Your LinkedIn profile is clearly very important and underpins everything you do on LinkedIn – I think we all know that these days.

Building an effective, optimised profile is actually pretty easy, once you have been shown how. But one section, in my experience, causes us untold levels of anxiety – the About section (previously summary).

Most About sections are about as interesting as watching paint dry!

So why do we find it so hard to write something interesting and informative about ourselves?

In this edition of LinkedInformed I’m going to focus on how to write an excellent About section and demonstrate some great examples.

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Loren Greiff has an innovative approach to using LinkedIn, especially regarding two techniques that she explains in detail in this episode - Triggers and Ethical Line Jumping!

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It always happens whilst I’m away…

LinkedIn finally brought stories to the UK. Unfortunately I was too busy swimming in the crystal clear water of the Ionian sea to pay any attention to it!

Not only that, they also brought out another new feature just towards the end of the week that would have been really useful for the whole of my holiday but pretty useless right at the end!

So this week I’ve been spending lots of time experimenting and having fun with LinkedIn stories

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Are Followers better than connections?

Does scheduling content have a negative impact on post reach?

plus a hack that can improve your re-share reach

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Join the party for a celebration of reaching 300 episodes.

A look back at some earlier episodes plus lots of lovely messages from listeners.

A few new things about LinkedIn to discuss plus I ponder the question 'Is it worth posting something controversial?'

We also have a post of the week from a job seeker and a question about attracting post engagement

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There are plenty of myths out there about LinkedIn so this week I discuss my favourite 5 plus others from other LinkedIn specialists.

In addition, there are plenty of changes to the design and functionality of LinkedIn to talk about this week

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With episode 300 fast approaching I would be very grateful if you could send me a short audio message to be used in show 300.

Anything will do, just say whatever you wish!

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Could Newsletters be the saviour of LinkedIn Articles?


How The Economist achieves success with it's company page

A small change to profiles

Is the horrible copy & paste hack coming to LinkedIn?

How a start-up raised £200k from LinkedIn

Cross-platform posting

and we have two posts of the week!

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This week I chat with Amy Woods from Content 10x. I've previously covered repurposing from a DIY perspective but that can be time-consuming. Amy offers a service to outsource your repurposing and has some interesting and valuable experience to bring to you.

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This week I chat with Neal Schaffer about his new book 'The Age of Influence'.

Can influencer marketing be applicable to LinkedIn?

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At a time when there is an unprecedented number of job seekers on LinkedIn, the potential for fraud via fake jobs is greater than ever.

It is an absolute scandal that LinkedIn allow anyone to post a job under the name of any company on LinkedIn.

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Let's talk about authenticity! It seems to be a popular buzzword these days but what exactly does it mean in relation to your LinkedIn activities

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You know you need to post great content on LinkedIn on a consistent basis but finding the time and inspiration for content can be challenging.

Producing long-form content that is designed to be repurposed can be a fantastic way to ease that challenge.

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This week I chat with John Esperian about his new book Content DNA.

Amongst other things John tells us about his CHAIR framework for getting started with content on LinkedIn or elsewhere.

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The current crisis has unfortunately left many people without a job so this episode is specifically for anyone who is using LinkedIn to find a new job.

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In a world of fake news and social media manipulation where influential people such as politicians and even presidents can incite violence and hatred. Is it OK to censor content on LinkedIn?

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Does the new dwell time factor change the way we should produce posts?


LinkedIn push Groups again

Ad's retargeting

Ryans first words as CEO

Tagging the right people

Post of the week x2

A question about polls

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I've never been a fan of live streaming on LinkedIn but it's possible that the combination of LinkedIn Event s and live streaming could be a game changer.

This week I chat with Restream's Anya Razina about all things LinkedIn Live.


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LinkedIn Polls have returned after an absence of 7 years or so.

It’s great to have them back and I had high hopes that LinkedIn might have improved on the product in those 8 years…In this episode, I, with the help of Andy Foote, investigate whether they have.

Not just that but I cover LinkedIn Stories, the end of SSI  and a new feed algorithm that considers “dwell time’

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What's it like to work for LinkedIn?

This week I chat with ex LinkedIn employee Jenae Kaska about her time at LinkedIn and the work she did supporting users via the @LinkedInhelp Twitter account.

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Hey Mark, how are you in these crazy times? You around for a catch-up next week? I'm taking this time to talk to people in my network who I've not spoken to for a while!

This is a message I received from a connection this week and it reminded me that I'm not doing enough of this...Are you?

We all need to help each other at this time.

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As we enter the 3rd week of isolation, I tackle the issue of how to post effectively when our feeds are full of Covid-19 related content.

- Do we try to post about something different or is it best to just join in with the noise?

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Welcome to this weeks episode. I hope you are keeping well in these weird times we are having to cope with.

Some of you may be working from home whilst others may have been furloughed, either way, I hope this weeks episode helps to take your mind off the crisis for a while.

This week I going to let you listen to an interview I recently did with Scott Millward on his excellent Thought Bubble podcast. You may remember Scott from episode 265 where I chatted with him about how to go viral on LinkedIn.

We had a really interesting and thoroughly enjoyable chat and I thought you might like to hear it.

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Well well well, a lot can happen in a week!

Last week I casually mentioned Coronavirus at the end of the episode, like it was something of minor importance, now it dominates everything!

Including this episode.

Amongst all the panic and negativity out there, I thought I would share with you my own personal journey in dealing with this challenge. I like to think I'm pretty good in a crisis, in truth I'm really not but a few sleepless nights finally got my head into a better place.

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On December 4th 2019 Steve Phillip received the kind of call we all dread. He was informed his son Jordan had committed suicide.

As Steve reeled from the shock and devastation he turned to the place he knows best...LinkedIn

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Who are your followers and what do you do with them?

This week I look at how to find your company and personal followers and what to do to ensure your content is reaching those that are most important to you.

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LinkedIn have announced that they are currently testing Stories.

This short form, 24-hour type of content was made popular on Snapchat and Instagram.

Will it work for LinkedIn?

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I’m back! What an amazing holiday that was and I’m not going to lie…this week has been really difficult with jet-lag coupled with a desire to stay in Thailand forever somewhat messing with my workflow!!

So what happened whilst I was away?

In short – not much but what did happen was massive!

Jeff Wiener is stepping down and will be replaced by Ryan Roslansky. I’m not sure how much this was covered whilst I was away but let me tell you…This could be HUGE!

So in this episode, I want to look back at the reign of Jeff and dig into the background of Ryan to assess how much things will change under his leadership.

I also have a brilliant new feature to tell you about

And a post of the week.

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Welcome to episode 277 which should have been 278 but I failed to get an episode out last week so apologies for that.

Despite missing a week and thereby needing to search the internet back across the last 2 weeks, I found hardly anything of interest! It seems Jan is a very quiet month for LinkedIn news – checking back this time last year was exactly the same!

We do, however, have a brilliant post of the week to talk about as well as the main subject of relevancy.

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Welcome to the second episode of the year. I’ve been seeing some great results on LinkedIn through direct messages (DM’s) recently and yet 12 months ago, I was recommending people only send them with people they already know well.

So what has changed?

More of that later but as usual I will start with…

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week...

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Happy New Year and welcome to the first episode of 2020!

I thought it would be a good idea to start this year by looking back and what was a fantastic 2019 for LinkedInformed.

In this episode, I will reveal the top ten episodes of last year as well as reminding you of what we covered in the top five of those.

I also have a post of the year for 2019 and an overview of the challenges that lay ahead for LinkedIn.

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