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Some people post about a good deed they have done, show a picture of their flashy new car, or casually mention that they are on an exotic holiday. Most of us would never post anything like that but it can’t be denied that such posts typically attract high engagement so I thought it would be a good idea to explore this technique and evaluate whether it’s a good idea or not!

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July 23rd 2022. Having been away for a few weeks, partly holiday, partly family health issues…I needed to catch up with what’s been happening so who better to call than our good friend John Espirian.

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What are you doing with your connections?

Are you just engaging with their content and occasionally sending them a message or are you making the effort to talk with them face to face?

This week I talk with Kathryn Strachan, the MD and Founder of Copy House, a technology content marketing agency about how she has used a LinkedIn outreach strategy successfully on LinkedIn.

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