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Welcome to this weeks digest of all things LinkedIn.

Today I want to address and issue which has always been a tricky question for LinkedIn users to answer…Should you connect to competitors?

More of that later but first…..

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

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Welcome to a new episode and it’s great to be back after a wonderfully relaxing week away in the truly stunning Swiss alps.

About a month ago I received a personalised connection request from someone who had the words ‘LinkedIn and Neuroscience’ in his headline….as you can imagine this really piqued my interest.

What on earth does that mean?

So I arranged to have a chat with him and he explained to me his theories and how he uses his understanding of the ‘social brain’ to achieve success on LinkedIn…….so I just had to get him on the show!

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You open your laptop (or pick up your phone) in the morning, fire up LinkedIn and then notice this……

Wait….that’s not 2 invitations, it’s 2000! Where did they all of a sudden come from?

This week I’m investigating what I call the LinkedIn Invitation Tsunami. What is it, why does it happen and what you should do if it happens to you.

But first…..

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