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This week, I sat down for a chat with the relentlessly helpful, and all-round top bloke John Espirian about the exciting news that there will be a conference for LinkedIn™️ enthusiasts in Birmingham, UK next year...How exciting!

More on that later but here's the other things I covered in this weeks podcast

  • Are search filters going to become a premium feature? 👎

  • An update of profile custom buttons 👍

  • Do you hide your connections? 🤔

  • Are LinkedIn Notifications The New Homepage Feed? 🤔

  • LinkedIn™️ introductions make a return...ish! 👎

  • About this profile becomes more prominent 👍

  • Does AI generated content put you off the 'author'? 🤔

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We've had creator mode for over 2 years now and for some, the decision on whether to enable it or not is still debatable...not for me, It's a no brainer!

That plus,

  • Passkey access is coming to LinkedIn

  • 10 free AI courses on LinkedIn Learning

  • Generative AI comes to Sales Navigator

  • Do Thought leader ads damage subsequent posts reach

  • Verified profiles get a makeover

  • Post of the week

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The news broke last week that LinkedIn have decided to dump hashtags.

In this episode I explore what I think is really going on and why I think this isn't quite the bad move others seem to think it is.

That plus;

  • Update on search alerts

  • New cybersecurity woes

  • Search filters for dating?!

  • New link for 'build a resume'

  • Profile website links update

  • Profile verification waitlist

  • Post of the week


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This week I've been hit with some sort of lurgy that has stolen my voice!

So instead of not publishing this week, I thought you might like to listen to a livestream I did with Lynnaire Johnston this week.

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