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This week has seen another example of the notorious LinkedIn help center being less than helpful! It's an all to common story unfortunately but why does this happen?

According to LinkedIn Help they are 'experimenting' with dropping education, location and wait for it...employers from LinkedIn profiles! Is this true or are they misinformed?

That plus;

  • Company page content is showing signs of better reach

  • A new 'personalised' home page feed

  • Thought Leader ads are now rolling out to all companies

  • New mobile search design

  • New Article publishing design

  • New search alerts

  • New Brand partnership label on posts

  • Post of the week

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Since the introduction of Chat GPT, we have begun to see a range of tools/extensions that broadly describe themselves as 'AI Assistants'.

They can be very dangerous!

That plus;

  • Font changes on LinkedIn
  • The job title search optimisation dilemma
  • Could collaborative articles be more important than we thought?
  • LinkedIn add Microsoft Designer for AI image posts
  • New profile sections in Featured
  • Sort feed added to the mobile app
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A special episode to celebrate the 400th episode.

I swap seats this week and find myself being interviewed by Lynnaire Johnston.

"What does it take to produce 400 episodes of the world’s most listened to LinkedIn podcast? How does the host manage to inform and entertain us week after week? And why is Greece his favourite holiday destination?"

It’s LinkedInformed, episode 400.

Thanks to all those who contributed to this special celebration episode.

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