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Welcome to episode 274 and Merry Christmas!

I think the week before Christmas is one of my favourites of the year. It’s never a busy time for LinkedIn training so I get to enjoy the build-up to the Christmas break…Christmas shopping, which largely involves answering the door to the Amazon delivery person these days! Plus carol concerts, Christmas films on TV and lots of nice messages from customers, associates and listeners to the show.

Unfortunately, Christmas is not always a happy time for everyone and I want to spare a thought for my buddy Steve Phillip. Steve bravely wrote an article this week announcing that he had recently lost his son to suicide. I’m close to Steve and when he told me the unexpected news I was completely numb with shock. I know it’s supposed to be a jolly time of year but I would ask all of you to take a few minutes to read his heartbreaking’s important because we all need to more aware of the dangers of mental health issues.

I have two main topics to cover this week – the new LinkedIn groups features and an Article written by a listener to the show ‘Lessons from my 2019 Linkedin experience’

In addition, I have some feedback from last weeks show, a couple of new features LinkedIn are testing and a fantastic post of the week.

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Hashtags and @mention tagging.

Two often misunderstood and misused features of LinkedIn.

Should you use them and what are the best techniques.

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This weeks episode is mainly dedicated to this years 'Top Voices' list. Whilst there are certain aspects of these lists that I find bewildering, it is also a genuine opportunity to discover great content producers and assess why they are successful


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