Informed Podcast by Mark Williams The podcast for LinkedIn™️ users

This week I look back at my disastrous predictions for LinkedIn in 2022 and what actually did happen by highlighting my 10 favourite new features of the year.

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Are you posting the content you want your audience to see or what they really want to see?

This week, I tackle this issue plus;

  • An update on LinkedIn competitors
  • Why multi-image posts are awful!
  • What to do when you see a typo in someone's content
  • New creator analytics 
  • New products search
  • 41 Big Ideas that will change our world in 2023
  • Are ads killing your feed?
  • New SEO for Articles / Newsletters
  • Why has date connected been 'de-ramped'?
  • Do LinkedIn Pods Work?
  • Post of the week
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