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It always happens whilst I’m away…

LinkedIn finally brought stories to the UK. Unfortunately I was too busy swimming in the crystal clear water of the Ionian sea to pay any attention to it!

Not only that, they also brought out another new feature just towards the end of the week that would have been really useful for the whole of my holiday but pretty useless right at the end!

So this week I’ve been spending lots of time experimenting and having fun with LinkedIn stories

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Are Followers better than connections?

Does scheduling content have a negative impact on post reach?

plus a hack that can improve your re-share reach

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Join the party for a celebration of reaching 300 episodes.

A look back at some earlier episodes plus lots of lovely messages from listeners.

A few new things about LinkedIn to discuss plus I ponder the question 'Is it worth posting something controversial?'

We also have a post of the week from a job seeker and a question about attracting post engagement

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There are plenty of myths out there about LinkedIn so this week I discuss my favourite 5 plus others from other LinkedIn specialists.

In addition, there are plenty of changes to the design and functionality of LinkedIn to talk about this week

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