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This week I sat down for a chat with Nigel Thomas who recently approached me with the following message;

Big fan of the podcast and I'm reaching out because I believe I can bring your audience value. Here are 3 topics which I think they'd resonated with:

1- Getting Noticed: I can break down my exact posting strategy including focusing on headlines, optimizing for mobile, and how to write in a way which evokes emotion.

2- Engagement: Most people know engagement is important for LinkedIn but not many engage in a way that attracts their ideal clients - I'll explain how.

3- Networking: Likes and hearts are great for dopamine but the real power is in relationship building. I'll uncover how to build power connections to skyrocket growth.

Are you up for it?

I here he is!

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If you want to increase the impressions of your posts, don’t focus on impressions! Instead, you are better served by focussing on making your content comment-worthy. This week I’m going to take a look at a failed post that had great potential and examine how it could be changed to attract more engagement.

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