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Hey Mark, how are you in these crazy times? You around for a catch-up next week? I'm taking this time to talk to people in my network who I've not spoken to for a while!

This is a message I received from a connection this week and it reminded me that I'm not doing enough of this...Are you?

We all need to help each other at this time.

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As we enter the 3rd week of isolation, I tackle the issue of how to post effectively when our feeds are full of Covid-19 related content.

- Do we try to post about something different or is it best to just join in with the noise?

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Welcome to this weeks episode. I hope you are keeping well in these weird times we are having to cope with.

Some of you may be working from home whilst others may have been furloughed, either way, I hope this weeks episode helps to take your mind off the crisis for a while.

This week I going to let you listen to an interview I recently did with Scott Millward on his excellent Thought Bubble podcast. You may remember Scott from episode 265 where I chatted with him about how to go viral on LinkedIn.

We had a really interesting and thoroughly enjoyable chat and I thought you might like to hear it.

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