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This weeks episode is inspired by a post I saw that included this line;

"Don’t believe the bullsh!t that “commenting on others posts is the best way to grow”

So I thought it would be worth examining this in more detail.

Also in this episode;

  • What's going on with Events messaging?
  • Services Marketplace - dormant or important?
  • Does unfollowing someone will reduce your relevance to them?
  • Why I haven't published a book
  • Is 'Open for work' worth having on your profile?
  • A text-only Fathers day post of the week.
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A special episode of the podcast this week as I talked through my recent experience of the LinkedIn conference in Odense, Denmark.

I can only give my feedback on the English language sessions from Ruben Hassid and Richard van der Blom for obvious reasons but they both provided plenty of gems in their presentations.

That plus a few new features and some features LinkedIn are retiring.

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This week I return to the hottest topic in town!

Artificial intelligence and how it can be utilized on LinkedIn.

I'm no expert and these examples are very basic, but I'm hoping you might find them useful

That plus;

  • A new and very useful update to Sales Navigator
  • New Recruiter features that every job seeker should know about
  • Feedback on the new 'conversations happening now' feature
  • A very creative post of the week
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