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  • The new LinkedIn search restrictions and how to get around them. This is mainly an issue for recruiters because the commercial use restriction appears to be 40-60 searches a month. Two viable alternatives to upgrading your account could be;
    • 1 premium account per office (that everyone uses when needed)
    • Google X-ray searching
  • Premium accounts seem to have reverted to the previous options for some (including me!)
  • How do you listen to the podcast? If you haven't already why not subscribe on iTunes? That way you will get each episode downloaded onto your phone/device automatically each week.


  • LinkedIn Recommendations - don't be such a cynic!


  • Help, I'm stuck in profile edit mode!
    • ANS = No you're not! This listener is referring to the new 'permanent edit' mode that LinkedIn recently introduced. You can view your profile as others would see it by clicking on the blue box at the top as seen below;
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