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  • LinkedIn announce that publishing rights will be extended to 230 million users
  • Taliban leader lists 'Jihad' as a skill on his profile
  • Dutch footballer Demy de Zeeuw promotes himself on LinkedIn as available for a new club.
  • Football agent posts that he is looking for the next Xavi or Kroos, on his LinkedIn page!
  • Main Story - LinkedIn change search result visibility again.


My LinkedIn wish list for 2015

  • Scheduling of status updates and posts
  • Instant messaging via a Skype integration or LinkedIn own proprietary system
  • LinkedIn message/InMail 'read' notifications
  • Common meaning for simple words like 'views' for instance a post view being the same as an update view.
  • The ability to share image based updates with individuals (see question below)


What is the best way to ask others to share my status update?

ANS = Rather than  putting something in the update or comments I would advise sending the update directly to those you know are most likely to help you. The video below explains how this is done.

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