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  • Is this the end for Google Plus?
  • LinkedIn Publishing now available for Portuguese speakers
  • Publishing soon to cover other languages starting with French & German
  • Presumably this provides opportunities for new INfluencers?
  • Group discussions seem to be getting more likes. Have you noticed a difference?
  • Finally the biggest news of all this week is that this show has been shortlisted in the management and marketing category at this years UK Podcasters awards! Thank you to everyone who nominated the show, I am really excited and honoured to be in the top three in this highly competitive category.
  • Now I need you to VOTE for the show to see if we can win! Please click on the image below to register your vote for the show....just imagine if we won?!
  • Commentary

    • Social selling Index is now available for all of use, just click here to see yours
    • What is the social selling index?
    • Is this just a ploy to get people to buy LinkedIn Sales Navigator?
    • Question

    • Thanks to Gary Stockton for sending is his voicemail this week with a question regarding the time lag with notifications on the iPad app.
    • You can leave your own voicemail questions by clicking on the yellow 'ask me a question' link on the right of this page.
    • I put Gary's question to the test and found the same lag as seen below. From left to right are the desktop, phone and iPad notifications taken within seconds of each other showing the iPad app to be behind the other two
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