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  • Group Managers can now send unlimited messages to their members in the 'participants' section.
  • LinkedIn release information from their economic graph regarding job migration.
  • LinkedIn joins up with that famous 'great leader'(?) Alex Ferguson to find great British business leaders (and help promote Ferguson's book!).
  • Blabbing with Krishna De has created some excellent instructional videos on blabbing here.
  • You can now buy .grip domains but is not available.
  • SSI update, I think that to improve my 'Engage with Insights' score the following four areas are important;
    • Status updates and published posts
    • Comments and likes of both the above
    • Discussion activity in groups
    • InMail response rates


  • What is a connection and does this change over time? The following post from a senior executive at Facebook got me thinking.
  • Is trimming your connections a good idea? I can see how it would help with engagement and that is a very important aspect of using LinkedIn but it would also reduce your opportunity for introductions. What do you think? Ping me your thoughts at

    • Here a classic example of the lowering of standards on LinkedIn. Should company profiles like this be permitted on a B2B professional network? (explicit warning)


    I have two profiles on LinkedIn, the one I don't use only has three connections. How can I close this account?

    ANS = see below, you go to your settings under the 'Account' tab

    My question for you;

    How many 'Interesting' quotes did I get away with?

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