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  • LinkedIn accused of making little progress on diversity
  • Have you claimed your one dollar compensation yet?
  • This published post claims that group messages are restricted to 15 a month! I can prove otherwise.
  • LinkedIn skill endorsements 'chain mail' (below) comes to LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn shared some interesting stats about their publishing platform this week.


  • Have you registered your LinkedIn profile url yet?
  • Running an event? You might find this article about promoting it through a LinkedIn published post useful.
  • Questions

    The administrator for our company page has left the company and I wish to take over administration of the company page myself. How do I do this?

    ANS =  Firstly make sure that your primary email address is your work email and that your LinkedIn profile has you currently employed at the company that you wish to administer the company page for. Go to the company page and scroll down until you see the "want to help manage this page?" On the right-hand side. Provided you are connected to one of the  administrators (the owner is an admin) you can request to become an administrator.

    This is supposed to be how it works however I have experienced a couple of situations where the option to request to be an administrator did not appear. In this circumstance you will need to contact the help center.

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