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In this show I talk about how we can all benefit by being more 'sociable' on LinkedIn but first, lets cover this weeks news


    LinkedIn group ownership protected in US legal case
    Strange LinkedIn profile phrases spoken by actors in this video
    LinkedIn invitations 'reason' can be seen after all, it's in the archive folder!
    LinkedIn Stock rallies this week.
    LinkedIn's weird New York office
    Does this new LinkedIn group indicate that groups are safe for now?
    Glitch alert! Viewer numbers are not showing in LinkedIn posts
    Are LinkedIn disconnecting us? Let me know if this has happened to you.
    Customized invitations are now seen on the mobile app, but still not on the desktop shortcut.



    Are you being 'sociable' on LinkedIn?
    A recent survey conducted by Pew Research Center found that only 13 percent of LinkedIn users engage with the site on a daily basis.
    What holds us back from engaging with people? I believe everyone will get more out of LinkedIn when we can all 'ease up' and start chatting to each other more.


    Will purchasing premium accounts for our staff allow us to retain ownership of their accounts if they leave?
        ANS = No! This is not possible with any level of LinkedIn premium or corporate account. LinkedIn Recruiter does allow the retention of messages but never connections. My advice is to ask departing employees to download their connections for retention by the company, that way both parties get to keep the data.

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