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LinkedIn deliver impressive results for Q4 2014 as detailed here in their official announcement. They have grown membership to 347 million users and revenue for Q4 was $643m, a 44% increase on the same period last year and a total turnover exceeding $2.2b for 2014. Some of the more detailed commentary about these figures can be read here.

LinkedIn launches the volunteer marketplace in the UK.

LinkedIn further restrict their api making it almost impossible for anyone to develop apps that allow us to use LinkedIn in new and innovative ways.



I finally got the new home page today and I totally hate it! The major issues seem to be;

You can't post a link into the text with an image status update (the workaround is to use the comments section)

You no longer see the performance of your previous updates, only the most recent.

There is no easy way to see how many connections you have.

On the plus side.............oh, nothing! 

Have you considered using a showcase page for search optimisation purposes? When the basic search is used the algorithm sorts results into categories including one for showcase pages.

How long should a podcast be? Is 30 mins about right or do you think you would prefer a shorter one (15 minutes). Let me know at



Should I put the letter MBA after my name in my LinkedIn profile?

ANS = Yes, if that is what feels right for you. It is not against the rules and it may ensure you feature in recruiters search results. It is against the rules to put any other keywords in your name field although many people do it and the search algorithm does seem to like finding words in the name field.

Thank you so much for listening, I really value your support and interest.


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