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LinkedIn pay a measly $1 compensation to users who had their password stolen.

Company pages get a new feature - notifications.

A bank is accused of asking it's employees to limit the information in their profiles so that they won't get headhunted.

Company sue former sales employee for taking LinkedIn contacts with them and lose because the contact list was “easily discoverable through public sources” and did not involve a lot of effort to compile, it would therefore not be considered a trade secret. Quite right to! This article can be found here but warning - its a subscription site (with a free trial).

Sex offender nearly gets into trouble for using LinkedIn.



Follow up to my piece about LinkedIn ads last week. Carl sent in this funny screenshot which shows how the algorithm picks up words and feeds 'relevant' ad's to you!

Could LinkedIn be considering 'retiring' groups - My prediction is that groups could be gone by the end of this year.

The new homepage design hints that status updates (with links) are something that LinkedIn also wants to get rid of. The pattern LinkedIn normally demonstrates is to make a popular feature less useful/easy to use before 'retiring' it.



Where can I see how many views my updates have been getting?


ANS = You can't! The new homepage design has removed this feature. Sometimes you can see the stats for your last update. This is in the top section of your homepage but only occasionally shows and can't be manually found - you just have to wait for it to appear!

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