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Welcome to episode 257 where this week I want to cover a really important aspect of using LinkedIn in a productive and successful way… finding great content! As usual with LinkedIn, we have an algorithm that makes choices (often the wrong ones) for us but we can take actions to help us find and engage with the best content.

Also covered in this episode;

  • Main LinkedIn automation bot recommends it’s users to stop using it before their accounts get closed down!
  • Another story about a fake account, easily created due to poor LinkedIn design that was used to con financial journalists
  • A LinkedIn bug that allowed a fake job to be posted – CEO of Google!
  • LinkedIn will be moving its servers to the cloud!
  • Why is your post trending and is it something to celebrate?
  • What exactly is a ‘Top’ comment?
  • Do hashtags in comments count?
  • Post of the week. A video post with over 350 Likes, 200 comments and over 17,000 views
  • Question – Can you see the activity from someone from when they were blocked (after you unblock them)
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