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  • Jeff Weiner sells a fifth of his shares and nets a cool $10 million! You can read the detail here if you want to get green with envy!
  • Facebook are rumoured to be planning a new 'Facebook at Work' service which could be a rival to LinkedIn. I'm undecided on whether this would be a good thing or not but I also doubt Facebook will follow through on it.
  • LinkedIn launch a new 'Course Certifications' feature


  • Following an acceptance of an invitation to connect from a profile that didn't look fake (OK the profile picture is terrible but I've seen much worse!) I then received the following message;
  • I'm not going to deny it, for a brief second my heart skipped a beat! Then I did a quick check on Google and found plenty of articles about a very similar email scam from a couple of years ago. I also asked a shared connection called Sam Hooper who replied with the following;

So it looks like I will have to wait a bit longer to find my multi millionaire benefactor after all......oh well!

I have reported the profile and message to LinkedIn, it will be interesting to see how long it takes them to take the profile down - the header image of this post is a link to the profile so you can check for yourself!

  • I have been busy building a new website which is focussed on small to medium businesses and winning new business on LinkedIn. This site will also have its own podcast which will partly be information and guidance on how to use LinkedIn for business development and partly a 'LinkedIn Serial' story every other week. This has been inspired by the awesome chart topping podcast Serial as well as Start-up (both can also be found on iTunes). I have always been a big fan of storytelling as a way to educate and inspire so I am going to be following a journey where I interview, coach and help a team of relatively new LinkedIn users. I am really excited about this project and I will keep you informed.
I can't believe how cheap my course is on Udemy! Offer ends on Black Friday (thankfully!) Click above to get the offer.

I can't believe how cheap my course is on Udemy! Offer ends on Black Friday (thankfully!) Click above to get the offer.


  • This weeks question was on voicemail and from Jennifer Holloway. In summary she wanted to know how to add an image to a status update instead of pulling the image from the website you are linking to. ANS = The secret is to paste in the link first and then delete the image by clicking on the X and then adding the image by clicking on the paperclip (see below)

Thank you so much for listening, I really value your support and interest.

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