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Working with Ali

Ali is short for Algorithm, in this case LinkedIn’s algorithm.

Whether we like it or not LinkedIn is constantly collating data about us. Which groups we join and which conversations we get involved in, what skills we have and how often they are endorsed (and by whom), which companies we follow, who we connect with and how much we interact with them.

Ali also measures which status updates and publish posts we click, like or comment on.

It may sound creepy but that's just how things are in social media and the wider Internet.

Understanding this and understanding how to use it to our advantage is one of the key aspects to been successful on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can only react to actions, it can’t (as yet) interpret feelings or opinions - just actions.

I was reminded of this recently when someone contacted me to complain about the amount of inappropriate posts and status updates they were seen on their homepage. When I asked them what they were doing about it, their answer was that they were commenting in order to show the person that posted that they disapproved….BIG MISTAKE!

Not only does this ensure that the post is distributed further it also teaches Ali that you are interested in this type of content….no wonder they were seeing more and more inappropriate content!

In the links below you will find a link to a fascinating list of patents that LinkedIn have filed over the years, the most recent one relates to this very issue - i.e. how LinkedIn decides what to show you on your feed.

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The Microsoft Acquisition

 Welcome to episode 118 of the LinkedInformed podcast at the end of a truly historic week for LinkedIn.

As you would expect I am going to concentrate all of this episode on evaluating Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn.

Advantages for Microsoft

  • Entry into the social media space. An area they have neglected to get involved with previously which was beginning to look like a serious weakness.
  • An opportunity to increase sales of Office 365 via extensive integration with LinkedIn’s functionality.
  • Dynamics (Their CRM solution) will benefit the most from this acquisition and potentially allow it to become the market leader (currently Salesforce).
  • Content from LinkedIn publishing allowing greater advertising opportunities.
  • Big data. Rich information about people and their online behaviour.

Advantages for LinkedIn

  • $26 billion!
  • Greater resources to enable new products such as Profinder to be launched and rapidly expanded.
  • $26 billion!
  • Use of Microsoft’s massive cloud infrastructure.
  • A way out of their stock-based compensation conundrum.
  • $2.3 billion into Reid Hoffman’s bank account!

Advantages for Members

  • I expect the under-resourced help centre to improve significantly
  • Skype integration
  • Integration with Outlook 365 & Dynamics.
  • Better distribution of published posts

Disadvantages for Members

  • Less Google optimisation
  • Another secretive ‘closed’ culture
  • Focus on corporates at the expense of SMB’s
  • And …..
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LinkedIn : Too many to-do’s to do

Very interesting document outlining why LinkedIn are a bad investment from an Equity Research firm. Here are their main 5 reasons;

(1) Lack of key functionality in its flagship Voyager app.

(2) Relevance of proposed job openings or “Sponsored Updates” hasn’t improved.

(3) A slow ramp to get the right content on to make it more attractive to Enterprises.

(4) High penetration of Hiring Solutions – translating into slowing growth in FY16.

(5) The technical immaturity of Sales Navigator.

Other highlights;

• New company pages will provide salary data and allow for anonymous employee reviews (similar to Glassdoor). This could provide LinkedIn with a "Tricky balance” to find as many of these organisations are their biggest clients!

• The SMB Recruiter product will be slow growth and likely to have a high cost of sales.

• 20% of LinkedIn members are students.

• Advertising solutions will be opening up their API to third-party operators.

• New members are less engaged.

• Less than 2% of members upgrade to a premium account.

LinkedIn Changes

• New Company Page insights.

• More information on job postings.

Other interesting stuff I saw this week

• Is LinkedIn disconnecting us?

• Contrary to rumours LinkedIn has not removed the connections download feature.

• Some people are reporting a 403 error which may be due to LinkedIn being hyper sensitive

about suspicious activity following the recent sale of passwords. It may be good advice to

reduce activity in the short term until things die down.

• The return of the Galek! The interview with our beloved infamous swimwear entrepreneur!

• Exaggerated LinkedIn profile question.


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Hey! We have a new website! The url is still the same Let me know what you think. It's Linkedinformed Episode 116.




  • Changes to LinkedIn
  • How big should your network be?
  • You Want More Business? So Get on the Phone!





Interesting Stuff I saw this week


  •  How LinkedIn Is Able to Consistently          Increase Pricing                                        
  • 'Social worth' and creditworthiness: Need                  loans? Just raise your popularity level on                    LinkedIN



"Recently, I have noticed my profile views are not good as they used to be. My target keywords are "Engineering Manager" and "Engineering Director". In the past when I search for those phrases my profile was always number one listed. Lately is buried deep down in the list.

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Welcome to this weeks episode where we continue the discussion with Rosie O'Hara we started in in episode 110 regarding 'Words that change minds'.

In this show we talk about;

  • How to reply to accepted invitations
  • What sort of message to send to someone who has viewed your profile
  • The dangers of commenting without taking time out to calm down!
  • The recent 'Gracegate' issue where a senior banking executive causes a storm by posting a screenshot of a comment made that she found offensive.

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This is a Facebook poll, click here and scroll down until you find LinkedInformed (and Winbusinessin if possible) and vote.

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Until next week....


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Welcome to Episode 114

Would you like to buy someone’s login details for LinkedIn? How do you feel about someone else's buying your login details for LinkedIn? This week’s 114 episode we talk about security.

LinkedIn Security

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Interesting stuff I saw this week

Cool Thing

This week’s cool things are 1Password and Dashlane. Store all your passwords, PIN codes, documents, credit cards and more. Automatically log in on every website and every device.


This week’s question comes from Paul Copcutt via voicemail who’s asking if there’s an issue with the formatting of a published post on LinkedIn.

Here are the images Paul sent me of the issue:

How it looks when editing.


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How would you feel if when you joined a company they asked you to changed the name of your LinkedIn profile from your name to the company name and when you left that company, you are then required to close that account down? This week I talk with Greg Cooper about an article from a top law firm that suggests the above as best practice!

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Welcome to episode 112.

Investors are now speaking more positively about LinkedIn Shares after a solid performance in Q1 2016. For this episode I’m going to dig deeper into those results and find out what else we can learn about where LinkedIn are heading.

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Welcome to episode 111, more of the mobile dilemma later but I want to start with an ongoing issue that everyone seems to be talking about;


It’s NOT Facebook!


LinkedIn is clearly different to Facebook in that it is a business & professional network but it’s not different in that it is a network of people and it’s social!

Rather than complain about inappropriate posts wouldn’t it be better to pay more attention to those connections who are posting more interesting content and building stronger relationships with them?

I saw a comment this week which I thought hit the nail on the head;


How about you focus on what you do, what value you bring, who you help, who you identify, contact in an authentic not all-about-you-and-what-you-want way, meet in person, build rapport, work out how you might help each other.

The key is to understand, truly understand what you want out of being on LinkedIn (& out of Business/Professional networking in general) and then... realize it's all about people, other people.  Get good at researching using LinkedIn and 'what's in my feed' will be less of concern to you because that won't be where you find the value. The value will be in what YOU do.


Well said!


Interesting stuff I saw this week



I also came across this legend of business on LinkedIn this week!

LinkedIn changes


Some people are seeing the number of followers on profiles rather than connections, this might be an experiment, I don’t have it yet but it could just be in the early stages of being rolled out.


We can now ‘like’ comments in status updates


It is now possible to remove yourself from a group conversation in Messages


The Field Of Study search is being discontinued on May16th.



This weeks cool things is another free Chrome extension called Prophet.

This handy tool will often be able to locate the email address of people you find on LinkedIn.



This weeks question came from James Muir regarding the issue of only seeing the last ten notifications.


James didn't specify whether this was a desktop or mobile issue, so I have answered both;




I suspect this is what you mean as I only see the last ten on my app.


You can refine which updates you see in the app notifications in your settings, this is done as follows;


Go to the 'Me' section and click on the settings 'cog' as below;

Now tap on 'Communications' and select 'Push notifications' as below;


This will allow to reduce the amount of less important notifications appearing in your last 10. Alternatively, you can ensure that you receive emails to alert you (see desktop solution below)




Firstly I am not experiencing the same issue on my account, I can see numerous updates going back weeks. This may just be that the changes haven't reached my account yet or it may also be a short-term glitch on your account. I know that contradicts what the help center told you but it won't be the first time they have given out incorrect information!

It is certainly worth logging out, clearing cookies and trying again. If you haven't already done so.


Secondly, there are a number of ways around this;


If you are mainly interested in responding to activity/comments on your updates and activity then you should be able to do this by viewing your activity. Go to Profile>Your updates - there you will see the last 2 weeks.


Alternatively, you could refine your notifications by unsubscribing to certain ones that are of no interest to you, this would mean that more of your important ones will show in the last 10. This is done by clicking on the 'x' in the top right of a notification.


Finally, you can compensate for the lack of notifications by adjusting your email settings

> Go to settings

> Select 'communications'

> Select 'Email frequency'

> Select 'Notifications'

> ensure 'Comments on posts you publish' and 'Summary of your notifications' are set to on


That’s it for this week, please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions you would like me to answer on the show.


Have a great week.



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Welcome to a new episode. This week I thought it was time for a change in format and it's been quite a while since I did an interview so please let me introduce Rosie O'Hara.

Rosie talks about her experience of how the words we use (specifically on LinkedIn) can have a significant effect on how others react to us when we send invitations to connect and other LinkedIn messages.

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