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Why do LinkedIn insist on creating responses for us search appalling "Great post" message which can only be sent when someone has not read the post!

I didn't have time to cover this fully in the episode but you can read my blog about it here.

LinkedIn advertising

Peter Gold updated us on his LinkedIn advertising experiment. It would appear that sponsored updates work in terms of clicks but are too expensive to make it worthwhile.

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  • The new mobile seems to be getting decent reviews but these are from people who rarely use LinkedIn and are therefore not able to see it’s faults.
  • Linkedin recruit 100 new people in Dublin and manage to persuade the Taoiseach Enda Kenny to attend an event at their offices by persuading his office that Dublin was LinkedIn’s ‘worldwide headquarters!



  • LinkedIn new iOS mobile app review
    • First impressions of the app are really good, the design is more modern and the navigation looks more intuitive.
    • The app is split into five sections.

Here you will see status updates and publish posts from your connections and those you follow as well as sponsored updates.

Unfortunately you cannot change from the algorithm driven order to ‘recent’ updates as you can on the desktop version.

This means that you see updates from 15 days ago, then one from 3 minutes ago followed by one posted 20 minutes ago. The order is supposed to be tailored to your needs and interest and I guess we will be able to train the algorithm to be more accurate through our actions but as things stand, my updates were pretty poor. The app updates are also completely different to the order of the desktop ones (that was also the case with the old app).

I noticed that every time I opened the app the second update I saw was always a sponsored advert. This is a significant increase over the amount of advertising we saw in the previous app.

At the top of the homepage you can see links to share a status update or a photo, As with the desktop version the share option also allows you to add an image therefore making it pretty much the same thing!

‘Image updates are broken’

I found it's extremely difficult to successfully post an image update. When tapping on ‘photo’ and selecting an image from my phone (taken with the phones camera) the app just hung for along time before it eventually informing me that the upload was unsuccessful.

I did eventually managed to post a more simple image via ‘share’ but not before posting the same update five times!

I made this short video showing exactly what the problem was

In the top right corner of the home page you can see 9 dots in a square, tap on this to reveal the ‘other apps’ feature which allows you to seamlessly open LinkedIn’s other apps.

Note how the Connected app is missing from the list. Could this be an indication that Connected and it’s desktop cousin ‘Contacts’ are soon to be retired? It wouldn’t surprise me.

The Sales Navigator and Recruiter apps are also missing but this may be because they are premium accounts.

LinkedIn’s strategy has always been to produce multiple apps covering specific areas rather then have one app try to do everything and this feature nicely brings it altogether, this works well with iOS 9 which allows an easy return to the last app used.

On a more positive note they have corrected the issue that meant you could only @mention people by their full name.

I always thought it was very odd to refer to someone you know in an update - your own or commenting on theirs by their full name such as

“You make a good point Teddy Burris”

As opposed to the more natural

“You make a good point Teddy”

It’s these apparently small details that make all the difference, especially when they involve communication.

You have always been able to do this on desktop, now you can on mobile.

My final observation is also a positive one in that you can hide updates from people who post irrelevant things in your stream (quizzes, irrelevant images and posts in a foreign language).

Simply click on the three small dots on the top right of the update;

This then reveals three options as shown below;

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We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people."


[Remarks on the 20th Anniversary of the Voice of America; Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, February 26, 1962]”

John F. Kennedy

I’m back in the cold and windy this week after my lovely week away in Spain, I made a short video of what I learnt in the week away

My Thoughts From Spain


Interview with Peter Gold, LinkedIn Advertising Experiment.


You can listen to the initial interview I did with Peter regarding his LinkedIn advertising experiment in episode 85.

Peter has not had a single click on his adverts as yet but is hoping for more success with sponsored updates.




Why are LinkedIn so secretive?

Excellent post from Itai Leshem about LinkedIn publishing and LinkedIn’s lack of transparency;

Is LinkedIn headed for an Enron style fiasco?


“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”

Mahatma Gandhi

“There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle, there is not a vice which does not live by secrecy.”

Joseph Pulitzer

I am calling out for LinkedIn to be more transparent and honest!

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  • Naomi Lewis wrote an article for ‘Look Magazine’
  • Here is the new LinkedIn sales tool called elink. It looks expensive but maybe an option to Autopilot if your market is very active on Twitter.

  • A LinkedIn success story. A start-up founder get his funding by connecting and building trust with someone in Australia who knew someone who wanted to invest. 

  •  Shocking sexist job ad by a company from Toronto that appeared on LinkedIn. 

  •  Three changes to LinkedIn this week; 

    • The main font and colour scheme has reverted to the dull black and grey scheme. 
    • You can now embed link to a wider variety of media in LinkedIn published posts 
    • Invitation ‘cards’ have been redesigned making it easier to see a customized message.


I have found great success with my new VAR system. 


V = View a profile (a lot with autopilot

A = Accept the invitation (assuming they are a prospect) 

R = Reply to their invitation 

It certainly works well for me, why not give it a try. 


QUESTION (From James from the US)


  • How does LinkedIn determine someone’s ‘function’ on LinkedIn when there is no field in a profile for this? 
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  • 3 charts that prove that LinkedIn is on fire! This article’s most interesting fact is the comparable rate of member/user growth amongst the three main social networks. 
  • Woman creates fake LinkedIn profile to give credibility to her Disney scam. This is a timely warning that we should all check that the listed employees associated to our company pages are legitimate. 




  • I have gathered more feedback about the new LinkedIn app from Android users and it seems to be universally disliked!  Whilst I can’t make a judgment myself yet, it does seem shocking that LinkedIn are still unable to produce an effective mobile app!
  • This week I enjoyed chatting with Sarah Santacroce about her LinkedIn challenge, which starts on 1 December.
  • Thanks also to Kate Lister for her voicemail stating her reasons for connecting with someone. Kate is a florist in Grimsby who wins business from her LinkedIn activities, I interviewed Kate in episode seven of my Winbusinessin podcast. 



This week I was asked a question that I regularly get when I am running training sessions and it’s always a tricky one to deal with so, on the spur of the moment I asked Sarah to help me answer it! 

“I have two businesses that are both applicable to LinkedIn so should I have two separate profiles or try to cover both within the same profile?” 

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Welcome to a new episode of the award-winning LinkedIn podcast. This week I covered a wide variety of topics.
  • LinkedIn announced their new Air Traffic Control (ATC) platform for improving the quality and quantity of messages and notifications we receive from LinkedIn. 
  • LinkedIn appeared to have ambitious plans for 

  • Profile view daily limits have reduced to an estimated maximum of 850 per day. 

  • LinkedIn release their new mobile app on Android (that’s a first).

  • Will the LinkedIn groups go the way of the dodo? Excellent article from Bruce Johnston. 
  • Who do you connect with and why? Do you follow LinkedIn’s advice to only connect with those you already know or do you just invite anyone? Please let me know, It will be really interesting to hear the views of everyone on this one. You can email me at or simply leave a voicemail by clicking on the link on the right of this page. 
  • Be aware that a scam email is circulating that looks remarkably like a LinkedIn invitation email.


This week we had a voicemail question from Paul Copcutt about the new LinkedIn messaging app.  Paul is unable to read long messages for some reason, I have checked and I cannot replicate the problem. 

Does anyone else have this issue? 


Other links 



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  • Tinder versus LinkedIn profile pictures
  • Hillary Clinton and her views on LinkedIn in the past
  • Ladbrokes are using LinkedIn to find customers
  • LinkedIn has a new head of Europe 
  • Legal problem of Linkedin on who owns your profile
  • LinkedIn overhauled its strategy for Sales Navigator
  • LinkedIn China’s new professional networking app Red Rabbit


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A big change of scenery this week as I take the podcast out 'on the road' to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. LinkedIn has always been very popular in The Netherlands and as a result some of the most respected LinkedIn experts in the world are found there so this week I jumped on a flight to go and have a chat with two of my favourite LinkedIn trainers Perry Van Beek and Petra Fisher.


  • Sydney university keeps suits for students LinkedIn profile photos
  • LinkedIn 3rd quarter results;
    • Total revenue of $780m broken down as follows;
      • Talent solutions 59% (34% growth)
      • Learning (Lynda) 6%
      • Marketing 18% (28% growth)
      • Premium 17% (21% growth)
    • Revenue is predicted to be $3 billion for the year.
    • Unique visitors have dropped to 25% of total members (27% in Q3 2014, 30% in 2013)
    • 55% of unique visitors are via mobile
    • LinkedIn announce their largest commercial deal ever - with EY for Sales Navigator licences (a sign of the future).


I am wondering if it is possible to see previously sent invites or messages any more? I'm asking because I usually tailor an invite to a person and want to refer back to it when I send a thank you note and a longer explanation on why I want to connect with them. I can find the pending ones but not the accepted ones. Before you could go into Sent and see everything invites/messages even if they were accepted.

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  • More details emerge about LinkedIn new ProFinder trial
  • Have you played the LinkedIn name game?
  • New thought leaders are invited to publish for the upcoming new app
  • The LinkedIn plugin that works out how old you are!
  • Group messages will return
  • Is this the most authentic profile ever on LinkedIn?


  • Group messaging is still possible - workaround hack
  • How to post GIFs on LinkedIn



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