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Well well well, a lot can happen in a week!

Last week I casually mentioned Coronavirus at the end of the episode, like it was something of minor importance, now it dominates everything!

Including this episode.

Amongst all the panic and negativity out there, I thought I would share with you my own personal journey in dealing with this challenge. I like to think I'm pretty good in a crisis, in truth I'm really not but a few sleepless nights finally got my head into a better place.

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On December 4th 2019 Steve Phillip received the kind of call we all dread. He was informed his son Jordan had committed suicide.

As Steve reeled from the shock and devastation he turned to the place he knows best...LinkedIn

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Who are your followers and what do you do with them?

This week I look at how to find your company and personal followers and what to do to ensure your content is reaching those that are most important to you.

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LinkedIn have announced that they are currently testing Stories.

This short form, 24-hour type of content was made popular on Snapchat and Instagram.

Will it work for LinkedIn?

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I’m back! What an amazing holiday that was and I’m not going to lie…this week has been really difficult with jet-lag coupled with a desire to stay in Thailand forever somewhat messing with my workflow!!

So what happened whilst I was away?

In short – not much but what did happen was massive!

Jeff Wiener is stepping down and will be replaced by Ryan Roslansky. I’m not sure how much this was covered whilst I was away but let me tell you…This could be HUGE!

So in this episode, I want to look back at the reign of Jeff and dig into the background of Ryan to assess how much things will change under his leadership.

I also have a brilliant new feature to tell you about

And a post of the week.

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Welcome to episode 277 which should have been 278 but I failed to get an episode out last week so apologies for that.

Despite missing a week and thereby needing to search the internet back across the last 2 weeks, I found hardly anything of interest! It seems Jan is a very quiet month for LinkedIn news – checking back this time last year was exactly the same!

We do, however, have a brilliant post of the week to talk about as well as the main subject of relevancy.

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Welcome to the second episode of the year. I’ve been seeing some great results on LinkedIn through direct messages (DM’s) recently and yet 12 months ago, I was recommending people only send them with people they already know well.

So what has changed?

More of that later but as usual I will start with…

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week...

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Happy New Year and welcome to the first episode of 2020!

I thought it would be a good idea to start this year by looking back and what was a fantastic 2019 for LinkedInformed.

In this episode, I will reveal the top ten episodes of last year as well as reminding you of what we covered in the top five of those.

I also have a post of the year for 2019 and an overview of the challenges that lay ahead for LinkedIn.

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