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In this weeks show;

Update on that new messaging feature - 3:50

Oleg has a new profile pic - 09:59

Josh Fechter lost his account - 12:00

New LinkedIn Member numbers - 17.29

How to spark meaningful conversations (according to LinkedIn) - 19:24

The New LinkedIn profile design - 23:24

LinkedInLive update - 31.13

Post of the week - 36:05

NOT post of the week! - 40:03

LinkedInLocal, Manchester - 43:59

AFQ - Question about invitations to connect - 45:50



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Hello and welcome to another episode of LinkedInformed and the first from my new office (studio). I hope the sound quality is the same as it was in my last office!

This week I want to focus on several new features but one in particular which really caught my attention!

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Welcome to episode 245. I hope you had a good week on LinkedIn, things definitely seem to be getting back to normal after the troubles of last week. That said, I know some of you are still finding you are invisible in searches so hang in there, the issue does appear to be getting better.

This week I want to focus on LinkedIn organic reach and try to answer the question ‘Has it peaked or is there more to come?’

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Welcome to another episode in what has been a difficult week for LinkedIn and many of its members.

I have two main topics to discuss this week;

  • LinkedIn seize control of LinkedInLocal events
  • LinkedIn had a meltdown this week with millions of users discovering that their profiles were invisible!
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Welcome to episode 243, this week I want to return to the subject of native LinkedIn video. It’s been a while since I covered this and the techniques for this type of post has developed somewhat. I also have some interesting analaysis to share with you on the content in my hoe page feed. But first…

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week


Feed Analysis

For the rest go to

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Welcome to a new episode of LinkedInformed. It's been a very slow week for news about LinkedIn so I thought I would take the opportunity to focus on the subject of content and specifically the type of posts that typically attract comments and likes and therefore have greater reach.

For more go to

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Welcome to this weeks show. So who do you follow on LinkedIn and why?

I’m not talking about who you connect with, that should be for different reasons (even though you do then follow them) but those people on LinkedIn that you purposely follow with the intention of seeing their activity, posts and articles in your feed.

Have you got a clear strategy or is it based on ad-hoc seeing ‘something good’ from someone and then following them’?

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Welcome to a new episode and this week I will be focussing on a subject that I haven’t covered before on the podcast – Employer branding and it’s close cousin, employee advocacy.

If you are not interested in recruiting or working in HR then this might be an episode to skip but I do know there are plenty of listeners who do have a keen interest in using their company page for employer branding purposes and the activities of some of their employees for employee advocacy purposes.

For more information go to

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Welcome to a new episode, this week we are back to talking about LinkedIn company pages.....but with a difference!

More of that later but as always firstly.......

Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week

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Welcome to episode 238. I really struggled to think of a title for this episode because unlike most weeks, no one subject dominates!

That said, I have a lot to talk about in this episode.

Firstly, due to a family bereavement, I will not be producing an episode next week but will be back the week after.

For the remaining notes go to

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