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The single biggest factor that holds people back from using LinkedIn is time…or the lack of it and this is especially true for content creation.

Your job involves many other activities, LinkedIn is, for most people, a small part of it. This a massive challenge for everyone…some people give the appearance of having nothing else to do than spend all day on LinkedIn!

But is that true? 

How do they manage to make so much time for Linkedin?

I will share my thoughts and ideas on that this week plus;

  • Are the BBC stuck in a time warp?
  • The new LinkedIn Content Academy
  • Employee verification advances
  • A useful Hashtag tool
  • The great GIF mystery
  • Improvements to collaborative articles
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We know that LinkedIn are especially interested in supporting helpful 'knowledge transfer' type posts, so we all need to get on the 'knowledge transfer bus' if we want to increase our visibility...but are we teaching or preaching?

That plus 5 new features and an excellent video post of the week.

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"This is probably the worst move LinkedIn have made in the 15 years I've been closely following them!"

Sponsoring personal posts might seem like an innocent enough move, possibly even an exciting new feature to some but I see it very differently.

Sponsored posts will eventually lead to poor organic reach.

Poor organic reach will see LinkedIn decline to just being a job board again.

This could be the beginning of the end!

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