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Organic content reach is on the decline...again!

"It's inevitable, this is what social media companies do" and "All they are interested in is posting more ads" I keep seeing people comment but it really isn't as simple as that. LinkedIn is not an advertising company like Meta, they are a business that primarily generates revenue from subscriptions so the reasons for the decline in reach is more complex...

Also in this episode;

  • Creator mode confusion

  • LinkedIn™️ Games

  • AI-generated content screening

  • The new immersive video feed mystery

  • Post of the week

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LinkedIn™️ Groups...Once heralded as a cornerstone of professional networking, their prominence has waned over time. However, amidst the shifting tides, could membership in these groups still hold untapped value? Tracy Bedwell certainly believes so. In this compelling episode, we delve into Tracy's firsthand experiences and unveil the strategic tactics she has wielded with remarkable success, shedding light on the enduring potential of leveraging LinkedIn Groups.

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We often come across people on LinkedIn™️ who look interesting and produce content we find we follow or connect and over time we feel as though we get to know them better.

But do we REALLY know them?

interesting People interviews are designed to reveal more about the background, personal lives and characteristics of some of our favourite people on LinkedIn™️.

This week, it was my immense pleasure to sit down and chat with the UK accountants mentor and speaker MARK LEE FCA .

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