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    Two new LinkedIn apps are rumoured to be in the works. A new Groups app and one called 'LookUp'.
    Instant messaging may finally be coming to LinkedIn!
    LinkedIn's new marketing podcast
    Check out the LinkedIn profiles of your website visitors with this hack. Disclaimer - Do this at your own risk, I'm giving it a try on a dummy account and will report back next week.
    Over 1 million users are now publishing on LinkedIn
    How being a 'hot girl' on LinkedIn attracts attention.
    The Prophet Chrome extension has been working really well.
    You can now add any skills you want, including made up silly ones!

    This podcast has been running for 18 months now and over that time we have built a strong community of loyal listeners and followers. I really enjoy collating all the weekly news, thinking of interesting topics, interviewing guests and getting your feedback (typing up the show notes is less thrilling but I console myself that the alternative would be writing a longer blog post every week!).

    I really hope you enjoy the podcast and get real value from it every week.
    The show has now been nominated for an award at this years New Media Europe conference held in Manchester on the 12/13th September and I would massively appreciate it if you would vote and nominate LinkedInformed for a prize.


    Why do people who don't really know me endorse my skills?
        ANS = Some people do it because they believe they are helping you although I suspect most people simply endorse because they are asked to and they figure it isn't going to do any harm. In truth skill endorsements add little value to a profile because they have been so misused by most people.

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